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Worlds most powerful EEG/Brainwave Meditation Bliss Training Biofeedback and Binaural Bliss Trigger
AND World's most powerful EKG-HEART COHERENCE EMPATHY TRAINING / MEASUREMENT TOOL> realheartcoherence.com
from Dan Winter - & Patrick Botte

Feb 2020- also be sure to visit our programmer- Patrick's site about FlameinMind - craniosacral-app.com/flameinmind
including recent upgrades- like our V 2.2 Gamma option- designed with kids who are learning- to see without eyes!
-advanced consciousness

NEW (updated for 2020) Life Force Measure with FlameinMind New Manual -Measure Life Force in Architecture / Trees - more..

Executive short summary: ALL our biofeedback apps - are IOS only (iphone ipad)- Flameinmind is the worlds most powerful brainwave meditation/ bliss app- requires MUSE headset- also does HRV -w/optional Fingerclip
This FlameinMind app- also optionally offers incredibly powerful: *Bliss/Binaural Beat audio, *Life Force/Sacred Space electrical analysis, and * optional EKG heart coherence
Our main HeartRateVariability / Heart Breath app itHRVe.com is worlds most powerful breath/ hrv app - w/ optional chest strap(deep sleep analysis). finger clip or ear clip.

Our separate full 2 channel EKG Heart Coherence- Empathy trainer - see www.realheartcoherence.com

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Measure Life Force in Architecture / Trees - more..

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What to buy> Flameinmind IOS App (includes binaurals) Muse 1 or 2 Headset* Fingerclip or Earclip or Cheststrap Flameinsound App realheartcoherence.com
2channel EKG amp
ithrve.com app
For worlds most powerful brainwave / meditation analysis - alpha and bliss EEG training -includes binaurals X X        
To add basic HRV / breath display to Brainwave - flameinmind- app X X X      
To use just Binaural sounds for bliss (without EEG)       X    
To measure full 2 person EKG Heart coherence/empathy-
uses realheartcoherence.com (2channel EKG amp
X (Flameinsound also works)     X (or FlameinMind X  
For very complete HRV/Heart breath feedback- includes night HRV analysis     X     X
To drive perfect bioactive binaural implosion harmonics -
into plasmaphire.com or phivibes.com or theraphi.net/quantaphi
X (Flameinsound also works)     X (or FlameinMind    

Updates July 2020: * We recommend Muse 2 headset (bundle not needed, Muse 1 not available, the Flexible band Muse S we think is not as clean data-
Note for Life Force measures- only the core software Flameinmind and the Muse 2- are required.

To add-optionally - powerful HRV /Breath analysis with EEG (software is in the app)- currently probably the best option is this Fingerclip

New> June 2020- upgraded version of FLAMEINMIND.com is on the app store! > see the newest display option- the power curve -shows average total alpha / beta / theta etc- over time!
Sneak Preview - Here we use that new option - in our new project- MEASURING BRAINWAVES IN CHILDREN WHO ARE SEEING WITHOUT THEIR EYES! >see new article> flameinmind.com/outervision

Check out our newest March 2018 Professional Film:- top> flameinmind.com/outervision

More instructions for all the app updates see (last update at) https://craniosacral-app.com/flameinmind/apps_updates.html


We will be adding more flameinmind tutorials - see Patrick's craniosacral-app.com/flameinmind/tutorial.html

Here we see an example of Dan- using the new power display options for FlameinMind- during a bliss experience- note the intense theta and alpha brainwaves- and ratios:

new display option for flameinmind see www.flameinmind.com/outervision

Newest POWER CURVE DISPLAY option for FlameinMind:

short film below on the Delta (4hz) above vs how kundalini is triggered

Remember above- the golden ratio (vs alpha frequency) harmonics have blue lines- the octave harmonics are pink

Note the beauty of the smoothed power spectra curves below- showing relate beta (blue) vs alpha (green) vs theta (yellow) over time- THIS is the exciting new display feature of the new FlameinMind.

If you have the FlameinMind software- you can download the above data file- in order to have many display options in the software: testeegflamedannu.flo

Stephen Sullivan kindly wrote-May 17,2020
"I’ve been using youre flameinmind app’s life force setting with my phones audio outputting from my bass subwoofer and i’d just like to say you have truly made something incredible, straight out of the matrix or the military"

To use FlameinMind- state of the art bliss/meditation brainwave biofeedback -includes FlameinSound- bliss binaurals- you need- the app (IOS) - plus the required Muse Headset
or you can try very inexpensive- bliss binaural beat sounds only FLAMEinSOUND- app- (without eeg brainwave biofeedback)

FlameinMind.com on the app store> itunes.apple.com/be/app/flameinmind/id1257645702?mt=8 > or search apps:'flameinmind'
Worlds most powerful EEG/Bliss/Meditation EEG Analyzer- with MUSE headset- as easy as putting on sunglasses!- wireless to iPad/iPhone
- includes worlds most powerful Bliss/ Binaural- audio feedback- (uses the perfect Conjugate Implosive Spectra- in synergy with THERAPHI) - AND worlds most powerful life force measurement!

Here is an article about the MUSE Brainwave - Headset- hardware- how it works

-Measure and teach- the correct bliss/ ecstacy / Flame in the Mind- Brainwave signature

- Measure and compare the worlds most complete Biofeedback Coherence- check BRAINWAVE entrainment to HRV / Breath / Sacral-Cranial - with our companion advanced HRV app: ithrve.com - see www.hrv-app.com/realheartcoherence

FLAMEINMIND Brainwave system INTEGRATEs Breath wave/HRV/SacroCranial Harmonics to show Complete Brain-Heart-Breath Entrainment
becoming the worlds most complete empowering Biofeedback System.

Testimonial today: from Stephen Sullivan, Dec 3,2017: "I'd just like to let you know that the ithrve app and flameinmind has changed my life, made it more enjoyable, educated and empowered, I feel empowered to help others as well. I like to use the real time chakra reading musical notes of ithrve's feedback and use flameinminds binaurals to balance my chakras. I love to use flameinmind with my hands in prayer posistion and close one eye then vice versa while balancing the brain hemispheres. I've had many hardships in the past, your ingenious inventions should be broadcast across the globe"
Worlds most powerful EEG/ Brainwave Meditation Biofeedback AND World's most powerful EKG-HEART COHERENCE

Here's how electrical engineering solved the mystery of the (Plasma) PHYSICS OF CONSCIOUSNESS
(Dan Winter)-
full article fractalfield.com/conjugateperception
originally published: theraphi.net/how-electrical-engineering-solved-the-mystery-of-the-plasma-physics-of-consciousness/

Consciousness is a (potentially transportable) nested plasma toroid vortex which forms around the brain/body - with increasing CENTRIPETAL / IMPLOSIVE COHERENCE-
That plasma toroid nest can transport vision / consciousness OUTSIDE THE BODY
-lucid dreaming / astral travel / and thru death.
(also fully explains the centripetal/ cold making plasma physics of ghost research).
This fully electrically explains why consciousness is electrically centripetal, and why charge field compression
( like golden ratio EEG - flameinmind.com and - like Theraphi.net - & 'sacred space')
correlate to PEAK PERCEPTION.

-> 1. Bill Tiller proved replicably: Focused attention CAUSED electric fields to compress ('implode') ref: "Conscious Acts of Creation"

2. Korotkov and then Dan Winter 'FlameinMind.com' proved golden ratio (fractal/conjugate/implosive)
EEG frequency cascades CAUSED PEAK PERCEPTION (vision)
/ BLISS /' TRANCE'..-More on BLISS implosion frequency recipe- HRV/Breath/Microwave/SacroCranial/EEG at  goldenmean.info/kundalini

3. Dan Winter with Paul Harris Theraphi.net -25 countries- proved those same golden ratio frequencies in plasma - caused SHARPENED VISION - in 25% of people
That same Theraphi plasma toroid nest-> is proven replicably to be a lucid dreaming trigger

4. Dan Winter, Patrick Botte & Iris - showed KIDS SEEING WITHOUT THEIR EYES- flameinmind.com/outervision , always report their vision forms inside their (blindfolded) head:

5. Dan Winter and (deceased) Dan Scheiber showed THE WAY THAT VISION TUBE CONTINUES THROUGH DEATH - is an implosive light / infra-sound (black hole like) vortex ('Kluver' symmetry sequence) - goldenmean.info/immortality
So much so that surgeons (Ray Moody) - proved death visions are electrically contagious.

Successful death requires a kind of electrical 'black hole' of charge implosion!

- Remote viewing/ astral travel/ lucid dreaming- AND successful death are ALL specifically coherent / 'fractal' longitudinal emf interferometry propagation- generated by the phase conjugate vortex of conscious plasma..
-that's why optimal sites for them- can be electrically engineered.

( Korotkov and Winter measuring/'fractal charge' design for sacred space goldenmean.info/architecture

-'It's a PLASMA DONUT - and You can SEE Thru it!.. a 'remote viewer'..

 Access "Higher Self /Zero Point" the Science with Dan Winter .. 'Higher Consciousness IS Inhabiting the FRACTAL ARRAY' - - Zero Point ENERGY Physics is STILL POINT Awareness- more at link www.fractalfield.com/vacuumenergy , Dan's presentation higherselfexpo.com -at the end of the film where Dan describes access to bliss/ charge radiance- as the turning point for the redemption of ET history of Earth Humans- see www.fractalfield.com/fusionintheblood

HOW to get audio cues to help general Alpha etc: Katie N. wrote: "Hello, I have received my muse 2 and got the FlameInMind app.
It plays back sounds via headphones from the EEG reading to entrain the brainwaves correct? How do I get this sound to play? I am only finding binaural beats etc to play.. Any help would be greatly appreciated!"

Patrick Botte- our programmer replied:"Hi Katie, Thanks for your interest in our research and our applications. Flameinmind was mainly dedicated to make recording of your meditation sessions and play them back.
But is is also possible to get some sound feedback during the session.
On this page: https://craniosacral-app.com/flameinmind/manuals.html
go down to (see image)-You will find informations about how to set audio feedback

Also the options to general binaural bliss sounds directly in the app (in addition to alpha triggered audio cues): flameinmind.com/flameinsound and at: craniosacral-app.com/flameinmind/flameinsound/binaural-sounds/

Jason Romero about itHRVe.com - in iTHRVE facebook group
 Day 288
"Resonance frequency testing of 5 cycles vs 5.5 cycles. I used Elite HRV to help analysis based on looking at which rate produced peak HRV and peak
This solidifies more for me that 5 breaths a minute is indeed my resonant frequency rate closest to 0.1hz. This can be seen as an overall increase in LF power and HRV at 5 cycles compared to 5.5 cycles.
During resonant frequency breathing the closer you get to your resonant rate, there will be more of phase relationship between blood pulse volume, HRV, and respiration, all coming into phase coherence. This is called physiological coherence aka entrainment, and the relationship of Blood volume, respiration, and HRV can be seen in the first picture from a study on this.
This phase relationship of blood volume and HRV can be measured in Ithrve and is the only app I know of that does this, using the Berry sensor, and is very affordable. This can be seen in the third picture where I tested 5 vs 6 cycles. The entrainment of blood volume changes and HRV can be seen clearly here, as a change of almost 30% phase locking.
According to Ben Bentov and others like Dan Winter this resonance is a mechanism by which the LF HRV and blood pressure oscillations drives the spine liquid pump of Kundalini. During resonant breathing the stimulation of the vagus nerve establishes coherent communication between the heart and brain, and has been found to increase alpha brain wave power. Resonant breathing automatically turns on the awakened mind brainwave pattern in the EEG spectrum, as seen in the work of Mind Mirror. Compare to Dan Winter’s FlameinMind app(uses Muse) seen in the second picture which measures cross hemisphere brain coherence, very similar to Mind Mirror, but is much more affordable. This awakened mind brainwave pattern can be seen there in my own brainwaves using flameinmind during resonant breathing.
Dan Winter also noticed that it was the presence of Golden ratio in brainwaves between the peaks in the bands that predicted the onset of Bliss and Kundalini(something Mind Mirror missed and Flameinmind Measures marked by the blue lines). This is because in non linear signal processing, such as with signals between the heart and brain, golden ratio harmonics determine the degree to which the electric field of the heart, brain and body can self organize via negentropy and self steer, called consciousness. When waves of charge like the electric field of the body interfere at golden ratio harmonics, this produces maximum constructive wave interference, and is a system that is the opposite of entropy, called negentropy or syntropy. This electric field is self organizing, self aware, healing, and interacts with blood acting as an antenna structure to access the collective mind(which is a large scale self organizing, self aware electric field, as earth’s Schumann harmonics also fit this harmonic cascade as well as galactic precession), and enables action at a distance through entanglment.
See last photo to see clinical measurement of golden ratio in brainwaves."



Note FLAMEINMIND- allows inputs- HRV Pulse Chest Strap (Polar) -(also coming soon from Berry FingerClip -see hrv-app.com/realheartcoherence to order) -- thus permitting detailed real time and playback display of (Yogi like) HEART / BREATH wave- AND BRAINWAVE COHERENCE / PHASE LOCK! - however- more detailed HRV harmonic analysis- with overnight sleep analysis and more is with our companion app www.ithrve.com - For example- the HRV wave display in FLAMEINMIND- can beautifully show coherent long wave breathing- and also show that in phase with the BinAural beat lo frequency (like .1hz Mayer wave)- however in itHRVe.com you see more detail on the HRV / Breath separate harmonic analysis for detailed breath training.

- Measure and prove brainwave entrainment to ZERO POINT BLISS - with Plasma healing- www.theraphi.net IS exactly the frequency signature for brainwave BLISS - ( physics see- www.fractalfield.com/conjugateperception )

from Dan Winter and Patrick Botte (our genius programmer and SacroCranial/HRV/Tomatis expert) - the FlameinMind team -
International Conference biofeedback - training films: fractalfield.com/2018 & fractalfield.com/2017 - -with the inventors- HRV and EEG - itHRVe and FlameInMind-

Link here- Announcing NEW RELEASE - FlameinMind.com upgrade releasing early September 2018 - automatically - to all FlameinMind app users
(NEW release also includess major upgrades to FLAMEINSOUND - BLISS BINAURAL BEATS)
Patrick Botte programmer- in collaboration with Dan Winter :

New FLAMEinMIND- "IN THE FLOW!" -- FOUR CHANNEL - EEG- Front versus Back brain Compare

Latest Updates see Patrick Botte's site: craniosacral-app.com/flameinmind
FlameinMind 2.0 Manuals/ Help: craniosacral-app.com/flameinmind/manuals.html
IN THE FLOW - 4ch EEG More info / Help: craniosacral-app.com/flameinmind/brain%20flow.html

Sports and Peak Performance Research is Clear- to be IN THE FLOW (fast/ instinctive / intuitively responsive) >
it is critical to teach the FRONT BRAIN to relax- and let the BACK BRAIN Drive

This is called being IN THE FLOW ( extensive research evidence-see below)


You can learn to relax the front brain- and develop back brain (instinctive) dominance.

Note to Android users- altho we appreciate that it may be unfeasible to get an IOS device just to use this powerful tool- FlameinMind-
we also ask you appreciate what a programmers nightmare- it is to implement a truly breakthru cutting edge app like ours - in that 'Android Fragmentation Worsening' environment- we'd love to help you.. but.. not sure when we can...

Other ways to experience Dan Winter's FlameinSound - perfected implosion rejuvenation Theraphi frequencies
Theraphi Phase Conjugate Plasma Ball System: PlasmaPhire.com Perfected sounds in vibrator massage: PHIvibes.com

NEW March 2020 - SEE PATRICK's LINK-> www.craniosacral-app.com/flameinmind/flameinsound/plasma_vibes.html

Works with this- FlameinMind app software- or the inexpensive FlameinSound app available separately..
outputting key body longitudinal frequencies- INCLUDING IMPORT FILES FOR THE KNOWN VIRUS ATTACK FREQUENCIES-
( using www.flameinmind.com/flameinsound software) - inputs to> www.plasmaphire.com , www.phivibes.com , or - www.theraphi.net/quantaphi
You can feel /trigger specific body parts- like the heart or the crown etc- films show people can feel it directly ! -
Option for body frequencies to generate and interact with specific body frequencies

Manual at link- or pdf version here


Measuring 'IN THE FLOW' new FOUR Channel EEG Flameinmind.com

Dan Winter's euphoria eeg..

Patrick Botte's eeg- balanced strong stable alpha brainwaves

FlameinMind.com Brainwave Meditation Biofeedback w/ Patrick Botte and Dan


www.FlameinMind.com Demonstration Meditation Brainwave with Patrick Botte and Pam-


LiNK> Here are examples in the research literature- showing how being IN THE FLOW Works.

Below - EEG Brainwave Alpha with FlameinMind for ADDICTION SOLUTIONS


Patrick Botte - with Dan Winter- 100 min. lecture film from FractalU.com Sept 29. 2018

Understanding FlameinMind- and IN THE FLOW

Youtube version below (excludes chat window)

Patrick Botte- 3 Visuals Series for this lecture: PatrickINTHEFLOWpics1.pdf , PatrickINTHEFLOWpics2.pdf , Patrickpic3ITHRVE.pdf

Latest 2016 Breakthru Science and Announcements from Dan Winter, Implosion Group research: ImplosionGroup.com- US ph: 800 395 1701

StateOfTheArt- Fractal Science Online Education

Rejuvenation Plasma Healing Conjugate Field/ (Priore):
Worlds Most Powerful & Most Proven Growth Water Treatment:

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- Teaching kids to see without their eyes /w EEG .. ‘inner vortex’ flameinmind.com/outervision
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The FlameinMind new IOS App- -- -FlameinMind is a breakthru concept in brainwave feedback empowerment:

Above- Shows measuring BrainWave coherence events WITH Entrainment to HRV/ Breath / Binaural Beat Feedback - simultaneously with FlameInMind!

Note above how we integrate HRV / heart breath coherence- above WITH brainwave coherence measure- - See also our complementary- main HRV app: itHRVe.com
- and our REAL HISTORY of HEART COHERENCE measurement: hrv-app.com/realheartcoherence

New Mar 21,2017- Dan Winter's- example Bliss (Golden Ratio Phase Conjugate Charge Implosion) Cascade in my EEG - ('I was happy in the morning')-
( - the lo frequency coherence is visible in the RAW EEG DATA - top left)-
Note added features - 2nd order FFT /cepstrum internal brain COHERENCE- graph on right.
Also - right - left hemisphere (subtraction) show AMOUNT OF hemisphere BALANCE- by frequency range- BOTTOM.

FLAMEINMIND.COM World's Most Powerful Brainwave and BinAural Meditation Biofeedback

Brainwave EEG Complete Analyzer -Meditation- Alpha Beta Theta Power Spectra- Potent Bliss Binaural Beat-includes HRV-Breath -The Most Complete Biofeedback Emotional Empowerment Suite Available- Plus Accurate Life Force Measure- by complete (microvolt) field power spectra . Create coherent brainwave Alpha / Beta- with the most accurate powerful binaural beat options- tune with life force measure- to sacred space.

-Measure and teach- the correct bliss/ ecstacy / Flame in the Mind- Brainwave signature

- Measure and compare the worlds most complete Biofeedback Coherence & entrainment to HRV / Breath / Sacral-Cranial: complements ithrve.com

 FLAMEINMIND.com Brainwave system INTEGRATEs the Breath/HRV/SacroCranial Harmonics to show Complete Brain-Heart-Breath Entrainment : the worlds most complete empowering Biofeedback System.

- Measure and prove brainwave entrainment to ZERO POINT BLISS - synergetic with Plasma healing- www.theraphi.net - THE  frequency signature for brainwave BLISS - ( physics see- www.fractalfield.com/conjugateperception )   The corresponding Binaura beat programmable options: the world's most potent bliss/ trance still-point trigger- by equation ( www.fractalfield.com/physics )

FlameinMind.com is a truly breakthru concept in brainwave / meditation feedback empowerment- integrated with broad spectral HRV / Breath / Binaural AND Life Force harmonics analysis!

No other brainwave app features the sophistication of immediate visible right left hemisphere comparison of phase lock and relative amplitude - alpha/beta/theta/delta analysis: Immediate feedback for right/left dominance, right left phase lock, alpha / beta / theta training and more. Plus no other brainwave system makes immediately visible when your brainwaves lock in on the critical golden ratio / conjugate (implosive/ bliss) cascade - vs octave harmonics. These concepts are breakthru empowering discoveries into the very (charge implosive) NATURE of human bliss / peak perception ( Dan Winter-  www.fractalfield.com/conjugateperception ).

More detail- on understanding the overwhelming importance of understanding / implementing the power of ( implosive / conjugate / golden ratio embedded ) LONGITUDINAL EMF- in brainwaves see:
Dan Winter's book "Conjugate/ Fractal Origins of Biologic Negentropy": fractalfield.com/fractalspacetime

Using the same - ORIGIN OF BIOLOGIC NEGENTROPY frequency equation from Winter  ( www.fractalfield.com/physics ) -which generalize to bring ALL wave systems out of chaos- we apply that to brain wave frequency biofeedback rewards. These allow you HEAR when your critical alpha resonance is stable- and learn to generate alpha / beta/ delta cascades- so essential to bliss / trance/ peak perception / peak meditation. ALSO you can optionally measure the famous ('Tibetan') GAMMA hi frequency brainwaves.

Then sync brainwaves - to multiple HRV /Heart / Pulse /Breath sensors ( chest strap or finger clip)- to allow brain to BREATH / HRV / coherence training. This broad spectral synchrony FULL BODY COHERENCE TRAINING - is unprecedented!  ( also in synchrony with   www.ithrve.com   HRV apps suite ).

Includes the world's most powerful BINAURAL BEAT programmable audio trigger frequencies: Accurate by equation to pure bliss / trance / negentropy - precisely tuned to the same successful plasma rejuvenation physics ( Winter and Harris)- see  www.Theraphi.net . Also with Sacral Cranial expertise from lead programmer Patrick Botte integrates precise beat note frequency options for making visible- MAYER WAVE/ HRV LF - .1hz coherence/ breath wave - AND multiple options for scientific triggering of the chakras by trigger frequencies.

AND finally- a complete system for analyzing and tuning LIFE FORCE IN SPACE: Accurate microvolt power spectra of space / rooms/ trees/ pyramids / even plants etc- up to 120 hz- enabling us to TUNE in Schumann harmonics by measurement- AND to tune out electrosmog (life 50/60 hz ). This level of detailed harmonic analysis - is also unprecedented in the literature ( starting with concepts introduced as well by Korotkov with HRV). Much more on LIFE FORCE analysis - including biologic architecture measurement / prediction of growth triggering by capacitance- all at   www.flameinmind.com  ( see LIFE FORCE options).


WHY Teach Golden Ratio / Phase Conjugation in EEG Brainwaves- to acheive Peak Perception/ Bliss - The History, Context, Science: www.goldenmean.info/clinicalintro/blisstuneroriginsofFLAMEINMIND.html

Original article on the wave physics of Golden Ratio phase conjugation in the FLAME IN THE MIND- teachable physics of (peak) perception: www.fractalfield.com/conjugateperception

Step 1. Use the app- Sensor connect screen - after linking to MUSE- to verify signal noise levels below 10%,
use bit of moisture on ear piece rubber if needed, be sure of direct contact with skin, turn off electrosmog/ transformers etc. nearby.

Step 2. Learn to get very still and quiet with the headset- notice that burst of alpha typically follows eye closure. It is hard to make good alpha etc. with eyes open- so use the data record feature to see your best peaks- after again opening your eyes.

3. Learn to MAKE Alpha- (green range- about 7-12 hertz/ Schumaan). Lucid dreamers- can sometimes make alpha with eyes open. Making coherent brainwave alpha is key to much brain development
- to do this- also see the sections in the instructions on provided options for audible TONE CUES - (linked to your alpha power measures).

4. Observe whether your alpha frequencies are matched for right / left hemisphere (phase lock)- which is right left brain hemisphere SYNCHRONY.

5. Notice whether the AMPLITUDE of your alpha is balanced- helps to understand/ balance- RIGHT vs LEFT hemisphere DOMINANCE.

6. Next- work on making a CASCADE (conjugate /implosive/ centripetal brain force)- notice / develop the NEXT peak
- either up (in BETA) or down (THETA) -
optimally the adjacent peaks will be GOLDEN RATIO in frequency - (implosive/ centripetal ) - for peak / bliss moments (as noted by the optional lines in the app - OR - octave for more telepathic/ rational moments.

NOTE: be sure - display golden ratio frequency option is set ON in settings- this takes your alpha peak marking and displays where golden raio should be in Beta / Theta etc..
Coherence in tbe BETA frequencies above alpha tend to indicate coherent conscious waking/ active thought.
Coherence in the DELTA/ THETA frequencies below alpha tend to indicate- coherent access to the unconscious/ deep states (the long wave)/ so called THETA HEALING.

7. WHEN that 'implosive' cascade of GOLDEN RATIO frequency peaks- organizes up to 3 to 5 coherent harmonics in series - THAT- is your key to psychokinesis- THE REAL FLAME IN THE MIND!

So WHY is it called "FLAME in Mind"?
Using the frequency signature from his original equation (here) ORIGIN OF BIOLOGIC NEGENTROPY
-fractalfield.com/physics - ( which we also implemented successfully in plasma Theraphi.net )

Applying this to BRAINWAVE analysis- (earlier in his invention BLISSTUNER- now in the easier & MUCH more powerful and 80% cheaper FLAMEINMIND)

Dan Winter discovered HOW Ingo Swann repeatedly heated the thermistor (lit a'flame') with his mind- in the laboratory- (like every Bon-Po and Cherokee shaman before him)
(Search key "Ingo Swann" thermistor . Ingo did it at a distance- thru a Faraday cage-):
This electrical geometry of charge in the brain (EEG) forms a golden ratio -opposing pair CONJUGATION - which implodes charge ( physics of peak perception: fractalfield.com/conjugateperception )-
This is the physics of bliss and psychokinesis (read about the physics of remote action at a distance / heat containment from phase conjugate LONGITUDINAL interferometry
see practical examples- conjugate longitudinal negentropy/ rejuvenation AT A DISTANCE with THERAPHI: theraphi.net/static/remoteconjugatingplasma.html
and applied to high frequency / microwave longitudinal remote action : fractalfield.com/conjugateinterferometryout/

The IMPLOSIVE Wave Geometry of FLAME: (from Dan Winter)

This BLUE FIRE- is a "Flame that does not consume"- because (fractal / conjugate ) implosion is heat eliminating / negentropic (read the book: Origin of Biologic Negentropy)-
The implosion vortex of Schuaberger- and the plasma tubes of Theraphi.net often spontaneously get colder!

Read about how kids develop their inner "SKYWALKER MUSCLE" - FlameinMind- when they put down their video games long enough to learn to focus/IMAGINE the ROSE FROM WITHIN: www.fractalfield.com/skywalkerscience
This implosive wave focus- is what FLAMEinMIND EEG Biofeedback is designed to teach- by measurement and empowering real time feedback!
Note the KOOL accurate test to find if the inner visualization/ rose image- is focused (Skywalker Muscle working)- the test is: THE ROOM FILLS WITH THE SMELL OF ROSES! (it works!!)


June 27, 2017- Below: our wonderful healer friend from Paris- amazing alpha frequency coherence...-she is a really Earth connected person!


Update- May 8, 2017 Practicing Bliss Mind

where it is labelled 2 last seconds- that is the amount of alpha displayed- also the alpha phase shift- right to left hemisphere

Bottom right- brain coherence- 3rd order power spectra- red vertical lines are octave harmonics, green are golden ratio

Below- May 16- bit longer more sustained bliss moments:

New Feb 2018: We now also offer- FULL EKG Coherence measure for 2 person empathy measure : goldenmean.info/hearttunerspecial/heartflame.html

Patrick Botte presents itHRVe.com and Flameinmind.com at International Conference: Fractalfield.com/2018 (<more conference films)
ITHRVE Live session


FLAMEINMIND Live session EKG Emotional Balance
FLAMEINMIND session Brain waves and FLOW
PHYSIOLOGY of Performance   Part 1   
PHYSIOLOGY of Performance   Part 2   


==Update: Patrick Botte and Dan Winter- online conference FractalU.com, April 8, 2018

LearnitLive Film (includes chat) , 110min. - Youtube version: https://youtu.be/S8mLEoBBgGk

Heart/Brain Biofeedback: Harmonic Keys w/Patrick Botte -Apps: itHRVe.com, FlameinMind.com from FractalU.com, Online Conference April 8,2018- Patrick Botte and Dan Winter- see lecture article- with conference PDF downloads : www.hrv-app.com/realheartcoherence - Patrick's sites also: craniosacral-app.com , www.saintphonie.be/en_moi.php , -Patrick (our lead app- programmer and sacro-cranial scientist)- is back- with Dan Winter- to tell us more about the HRV/ Breath/ Heart Coherence / Brainwave sciences behind our stunning array of the world's best IOS biofeedback apps. Patrick will include stories like- his cutting edge sacro-cranial professional partners- measuring how - when you simply listen to our worlds most powerful BLISS - BINAURAL BEAT- ( www.flameinmind.com/flameinsound -not expensive) with the phase accurate .1 hz - MAYER WAVE heterodyne (bodies MOST important frequency - in the blood) - how you actually MEASURE when you have success -putting that frequency IN to your spine liquid pump- which we KNOW is the absolute platform upon which all bliss and kundalini ( healing sacro-cranial) wave mechanics is based. Patrick will SHOW you the graphs- right from our apps! Patrick also will have a major presentation series in South France - June: fractalfield.com/2018

Download Amazing PDF Visuals File> FractalUPatrickBotteVisuals2018.pdf , from Patrick Botte Presentation - HRV-Heart-Brain Biofeedback itHRVe.com

-For convenience we add here the link to the famous SACRO CRANIAL- Kundalini Biomechanics Article from Dan Winter- which Patrick refers to: www.goldenmean.info/kundalini

Our International Theraphi / Plasma Rejuvenation and biofeedback conference- info and 10 major films are at www.fractalfield.com/2017

In addition the HRV and itHRVe Biofeedback films- intro - update film series are updated at craniosacral-app.com/app

These are- more films about itHRVe and FlameinMind Biofeedback (from our 2017 internaional conference) - understanding the wave science: craniosacral-app.com/app

More on the Binaural Beat- Sounds- - help files- and testimonials of the BLISS Effects: craniosacral-app.com/flameinmind/binaural%20sounds

Note frames exerpts only in the gifmation(left) - below is the full (30sec)session-film:

Earlier sample below- the golden ratio bliss training potential- note on TOP the raw EEG data shows clearly the EEG delta wave:

FlameinMind- EEG

Above actual data of Bliss Meditation- from Dan Winter - March 8, 2017
Soon to be added binaural beat audio cues to enhance the bliss - coherence training.

Here March 21 -Dan Winter EEG -with GAMMA DISPLAY option
Read more about'Tibetan Gamma' EEG

Coming soon in FlameinMind app: powerful conjugate implosive integrated BINAURAL BEAT AUDIO


Note data on the right is the 2nd Order Power Spectra- REAL BRAIN COHERENCE MEASURE (amplitude of primary peak of 2nd order spectra= INTERNAL BRAIN COHERENCE.)

Compare here with golden ratio phase conjugate implosion in HRV / Breath lo frequency from BINAURAL BEAT triggering
(acknowledgement Patrick Botte- see complementary HRV app craniosacral-app.com

Golden Ratio Conjugate Implosion in HRV


-including - the clear and teachable physics of a PHASE CONJUGATE PHYSICS OF (PEAK)PERCEPTION- in EEG: www.fractalfield.com/conjugateperception

-meaning that brainwaves can be entrained and biofeedback optimized to produce far more perfect centripetal phase conjugation

-this will result in:

-laser focus for the brain - as plasma containment (see Bill Tiller and charge compression from focus)-quite literally the FLAME IN THE MIND

This will optimize


-plasma projection (remote viewing , astral travel, shamanic projection)

This will be accomplished by

1.- teaching golden ratio phase conjugation in EEG - ( see the original BLISSTUNER below
- Dan Winter's discovery that - 3 to 5 EEG harmonics accurate lock to golden ratio frequency signature - during bliss/ peak perception / plasma compression )

2.- teaching the accurate phase relationship - between hemispheres (to perfect conjugation- lasers must be 180 degrees out of phase)

3.- teaching the accurate (phase conjugate to PLANCK)- frequency KEY (scale is PLANCK conjugation, ratio is conjugation perfected golden mean)
- see the equation on the cover of Dan Winter's book: Origin of Biologic Negentropy- www.fractalfield.com/fractalspacetime

4.- tuning all of this accurately to THE programmable optimized audio BINAURAL BEAT- audio headphone feedback-
Download the most potent binaural (phase conjugate perfected) 'Secret Sound' software: www.fractalfield.com/implosionsound
this will be interactively TUNED to the brainwave alpha

- and 5. finally it is intended (see below) that there will be an option to input HRV fractal heart coherence harmonics from
itHRVe.com , hrv-app.com , craniosacral-app.com
This will allow a beautiful continous convenient IOS experience- to SEE heart to brain entrainment and more

( see proven example of heart brain phase lock entrainment: goldenmean.info/brainheart/ )

AND note the role of Heart to (Cranio Sacral) Brain entrainment in Bliss / Kundalini ( goldenmean.info/kundalini ) - see the Intro Film:

-ALSO note that the ability to INDUCE bliss with our PLASMA REJUVENATION CONJUGATION ( www.Theraphi.net ) is discussed in the film

This intro film BIOLOGY OF BLISS - also contains an intro and welcome and history for friends with Monroe Institute:

note the above version of the FractalU.com course (via Youtube) excludes the chat text field- the wider verion with that text chat- is here.

:"Advanced Biology of BLISS Science" - Introductory Film - 14 min. from FractalU.com - course Feb 7, 2016-
About half way in the film- discussion and intro to the brainwave system- and welcome to potential partners- story with Monroe Institute.
-reviews the 'conjugate'fractal' electric field nature of bliss/ peak perception / ecstasy - then the main emphasis today will be the DEEP BIOLOGY OF KUNDALINI ( http://goldenmean.info/kundalini/kundalin.html ) from how cell metabolism fabricates the high quality UV 'cellular sex juice'. and ADP/ATP microwave- to how the phonon lo frequency of coherent emotion - makes the sacral cranial spine pump it- to the result effect on the high brain- and body: effects on the environment- plasma projection - zero point access- esoteric meaning and more. - Also -Beautiful Segment with the Therapy team- describing Bliss Experience there.. - www.theraphi.net

Please see also the original FLAME IN THE MIND- SCIENCE - film and article series with Dan Winter:



www.fractalfield.com/mindwave (note the animations of the difference between TRANSVERSE emf - versus the psychokinetic LONGITUDINAL -compression wave- EMF- which require PHASE CONJUGATION to generate/optimize. These are the key to plasma containment (conjugate interferometry) and 'flame in the mind' psychokinesis. These are also the well known mechanism of BioactiveField.com - like Theraphi.net



Our FlameinMind system requires this state of the art wireless - instant connection headset:
Note re MUSE headset:"Muse: the brain-sensing headband device is an over-the-counter product manufactured by Interaxon, Toronto, CA, and is legally marketed for general sales worldwide.  It is not considered a medical device.  The FLAMEINMIND- Muse app is a nonclinical program intended for emotional response awareness, and is not considered neurofeedback.. Neither the hardware nor the applications are intended to diagnose or treat any disorder.  No prescription or license are required to purchase and use the Muse headband or the FLAMEINMIND application."

it is fast and super easy to fit and wear, transmits wirelessly to IOS / iPhone /iPad

-it offers completely breakthru options for brainwave / bliss / plasma projection empowerment:

- we teach sequentially- using biofeedback optimization teaching cues: ( more at flameinmind.com/help )

* step 1 - Make alpha (ultimately- also can enable lucid dream with eyes open)

* step 2 - Compare and optimize phase lock and balance between right and left hemisphere alpha (solutions to hemispheric balance)

* step 3 - Make Beta - and lock it to GOLDEN RATIO phase conjugation to the alpha

* step 4 - optimize the SCALE of that alpha beta- based on the key frequency of Dan Winter's equation for perfect implosive conjugate charge collapse (see his book)

* step 5 - optimize the PHASE relationship between right and left hemisphere - to the 180 degree phase lock necessary for longitudinal wave creation: true physics of psychokinesis / plasma containment

* step 6 - use the perfect PHASE CONJUGATE programmable BINAURAL BEAT interferometry (audio headphones)- to optimize all of the above: software intro see SECRET SOUND at www.fractalfield.com/implosionsound


FLAME IN MIND- breakthru IOS - brainwave biofeedback for empowerment -

- beautifully incorporates these features from Dan Winter's original Brainwave/ BLISSTUNER invention (FlameInMind is MORE powerful AND costs less than a third as much!):

-first to measure golden ratio PHASE CONJUGATION in brainwaves

-first to measure internal phase COHERENCE* in brainwaves- using Dan Winter's original concept CEPSTRUM MATHEMATICS - to do so
* understanding Winter's original CEPSTRUM mathematics for Internal COHERENCE: fractalfield.com/coherence and goldenmean.info/coherence

Original Blisstuner from Dan Winter - original Brainwave system -see more at www.goldenmean.info/clinicalintro
There you will find a detailed and compelling scientific history correlating goldenmean ratio in brainwave frequencies to BLISS and PEAK PERCEPTION - quite literally a FLAME IN MIND

BlissTuner from Dan Winter

First to implement Golden Ratio in EEG to measure peak perception / bliss.

Next graphic animation below- Dan Winter's revolutionary BLISSTUNER measuring an intense bliss experience in Australia- using Golden Ratio in EEG.

Note also on the left- Dan Winter is also the first to measure Brain Coherence- by using his invention of the cepstrum concept to measure internal coherence .


Above - note how the BlissTuner - measures an intense bliss- meditation moment

See the ONLY system to measure Golden Ratio in EEG

+ the ONLY System to measure INTERNAL EEG Coherence (Cepstrum Inset Graph - Top Left)


Neuroscientist McFadden's "Conscious Electromagnetic Field Theory" www.johnjoemcfadden.com/popular-science/consciousness/ -idea may fit rather well the physics of conscious www.fractalfield.com/conjugateperception as a moveable conjugate/centripetal negentropic 'imploding' plasma field.. (moveable outside the body -as plasma projection- under conditions of longitudinal emf coherence - Kozyrev telepathy for example-definitely started with measuring Seismic magnetic coherence)- McFadden's SYNCHRONOUS FIRING ideas about consciousness as a field- transportable outside the brain  is a perfect intro to the way we have measured phase conjugation in EEG coherence - for peak perception/ bliss www.flameinmind.com This even predicts the EEG mechanism when- Ingo Swann was measured to light a 'flame with his mind' outside his body through a Faraday cage-
--about the EDEN EXPERIMENT-article, role of electromagnetics in consciousness-Lloyd Belcour- comment/exerpt:"
Shockingly, almost 80% of the 900 subjects thus tested report altered states of consciousness, visions of God and dead loved ones, and even full-blown alien abductions. [12]
More radical still is Paul Devereux’s 1989 “Earth Lights” (plasma?) hypothesis, in which UFOs appear as some sort of “previously unrecognized terrestrial phenomenon” (think Will O’ the Wisps) which either rely upon or are attracted to the EM fields generated by seismic stress.
Devereux notes that the strange balls of light which appear and hover near or around earthquake fault lines behave at times almost like “inquisitive animals” and speculates that they may be intelligent “macro-quantal” blobs of plasma energy capable of telepathy, mimicry and hypnosis. [13]
Both theories in turn anticipate the research of Johnjoe McFadden, an English neuroscientist at the University of Surrey whose Conscious Electromagnetic Field Theory (CEMI) locates human thought outside the wet, grey labyrinth of the brain, identifying it instead with a weak electromagnetic field which surrounds and penetrates the skull. [14]
If McFadden is correct, then the entire sensory environment we perceive all around us could be nothing more than an extremely sophisticated communications broadcast of some sort - perhaps just one of many “channels” available to the human nervous system.

-- below- more on comparitive use of FlameInMind eeg system- with our companion HRV apps:

Finally by integrating the new FLAME IN MIND- easy IOS brainwave feedback system optionally- with the itHRV.com -
we may offer the option of entraining the Brain with THE STATE OF THE ART HEART / HRV SYSTEM ( hrv-app.com

Thus we can show how heart coherence and heart entrain ( see film above)- can be optimized.

exerpts from iTHRV:

How itHRVe measures- heart / HRV COHERENCE
- and teaches breath coherence.

How itHRVe measures stress:


How itHRve measures - the caducceus / golden ratio - phase conjugate perfect implosive self organizing compression/collapse

How to actually program your heart with your breath to make the precise frequencies of the perfect collapse/implosion conjugate wave->
Rejuvenation-as used: Theraphi.net

How itHRVe measures - sacral cranial / spine liquid pump- the spinal wave of healing / human bliss:

From the - itHRVe.com - team ( companion site- craniosacral-app.com ) : Dan Winter , Patrick Botte, Jan Cisek

Latest 2016 Breakthru Science and Announcements from Dan Winter, Implosion Group - US ph: 800 395 1701

StateOfTheArt- Fractal Science Online Education

Rejuvenation Plasma Healing Conjugate Field/ (Priore):
Worlds Most Powerful & Most Proven Growth Water Treatment:

Preview:Most Powerful & Exciting IOS Heart BiofeedbackAppEVER!

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Einstein:the solution to infinite non-destructive (charge)compression IS the unified field. ..So- if perfect compression is the solution to virtually every science problem in history: gravity, alchemy, fusion, urban design, computers.. the physics of human (peak)perception/bliss.. the list goes on - THEN what does it mean that we have just proven the (fractality perfected) wave mechanics showing that golden ratio IS the solution to perfect (charge) compression?
Fractal Space Time: Origin of Negentropy fractalfield.com/fractalspacetime - by Daniel Winter-
212p. Edition 2, Dec 2015- Scientific Abstract: Originally Dan Winter's team ( fractalfield.com , fractalU.com ) wave equations proved golden ratio wave mechanics optimizes constructive wave interference, compression and therefore phase conjugation ( fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion ). Then Dan Winter discovered that integer exponents of golden ratio phase conjugation ( perfect fractality )- times planck length and time (musical 'key signature' of matter) - dramatically predicted: 1. Hydrogen Radii ( goldenmean.info/goldenproof ) , 2. Exact frequencies of photosynthesis ( fractalfield.com/fractalphotosynthesis ) , 3. Exact duration of the Earth year and venus year ( goldenmean.info/coincidence ) , 4. Virtually exact frequencies of the SCHUMANN HARMONICS and (peak perception) BRAINWAVE HARMONICS ( fractalfield.com/conjugateperception ) , 5. Exact frequencies of ADP (/ATP), 6. Exact frequencies of MAYER WAVE of Blood Pressure/ HRV LF and HF , and Spine liquid pump. Dan Winter calls this phenomenon: Perfected PHASE CONJUGATE NEGENTROPIC CHARGE COLLAPSE - and thus presents evidence this perfected 3D wave fractality- is the electrical CAUSE of LIFE FORCE/Rejuvenation and a) Negentropy, b) Gravity, c) Perception, d) Color and e) All Centripetal (Implosive) Forces. Winter's original successful TheImploder.com water implosion for growth - invention - used his Hydrogen geometry equations- ( for hydrolysis : fractalfield.com/hydrogen ) and more recently - Dan Winter built exactly these frequencies into Perfected Negentropy Rejuvenation Plasma System ( aka Priore )- in Theraphi.net - which is now rapidly proving his negentropy for biology hypothesis.

How 'Harmonic INCLUSIVENESS'-Defines Heart Fractality AND Immune Health! fractalityindex.html

Original app/IOS HRV and Empathy measure- from Dan Winter: heartsring.com

Dan Winter's original HeartTuner- EKG Coherence Measure & Empathy Trainer: www.goldenmean.info/hearttunerspecial

Story of Dan Winter's original discovery: How Heart Coherence is Measured: The Mathematics- www.fractalfield.com/coherence and www.goldenmean.info/coherence
Note: Dan's original discovery credited in the literature for inventing the term Heart Coherence-
was the use of the SECOND Order FFT called CEPSTRUM - to measure internal cardiac phase coherence (above link)
with the itHRVe app- that has been expanded to use a THIRD Order FFT
- providing an even smoother measure of HRV/Heart Internal Coherence-ideal for Breath Training.

Dan Winter's original new book: Fractal Space Time-Origin of Biologic Negentropy - www.fractalfield.com/fractalspacetime

Note FLAMEINMIND - is based on Dan Winter's new PHASE CONJUGATE PHYSICS of PERCEPTION - Related Article: Fractal Phase Conjugate Origin of Perception (includes charts below) - www.fractalfield.com/conjugateperception

see also physics update - www.goldenmean.info/coincidence/proofnegentropytest.html


FLAME IN MIND: World's most comprehensive self empowering feedback system- see BRAINWAVE, HRV , BREATH , SacroCranial entrainment measured all in one system!

More here on the broad spectral integration of EEG with FLAMEINMIND- with HRV / breath / sacrocranial measure - ithrve.com
especially see update www.hrv-app.com/realheartcoherence


The history, evidence, and context- for a theory of peak pereption / bliss - based on GOLDEN RATIO / PHASE CONJUGATION in Brainwaves.

This is the story of Dan Winter's first golden ratio - EEG invention the BLISS-TUNER- which is the predecessor of the new - 2017 - FLAMEINMIND.COM Brainwave biofeedback invention.

This article complements the physics of consciousness science article on PHASE CONJUGATION in PERCEPTION MECHANICS: www.fractalfield.com/conjugateperception ... literally a FLAME IN THE MIND!

The BlissTuner Story - from Dan Winter

First to implement Golden Ratio in EEG to measure peak perception / bliss.

Next graphic animation below- Dan Winter's revolutionary BLISSTUNER measuring an intense bliss experience in Australia- using Golden Ratio in EEG.

Note also on the left- Dan Winter is also the first to measure Brain Coherence- by using his invention of the cepstrum concept to measure internal coherence (graphic here - repeated from above- early example from Dan Winter- using his earlier- more expensive BLISSTUNER)
(which Frank Van Den Bovenkamp has also now attempted to illegally steal).


Above - note how the BlissTuner - measures an intense bliss- meditation moment

See the ONLY system to measure Golden Ratio in EEG

+ the ONLY System to measure INTERNAL EEG Coherence (Cepstrum Inset Graph - Top Left)


Also see how Dan Winter is the first to measure brain to heart phase lock- (exerpt from).. The Brain Heart Connection-Breakthru in Measurement

Below you see Dan Winter' measurement of bliss / peak perception. His 'BlissTuner' is the world's first to use Golden Ratio in EEG harmonics to measure and teaach 'enlightenment' peak perception. (In spite of the fact that then his invention was then illegally stolen from him by the dangerous thief- Frank Van Den Bovenkamp).

See here many practical examples of how Golden Ratio is phase conjugation and is the mechanism of consciousness and peak perception, in EEG frequency ratio. It's really simple; when brain waves phase conjugate by golden ratio (after lock in to Schumann Resonance related alpha) - you get the electrically centripetal forces which define attention. Note how this is the ONLY way to account for example for Bill Tiller's abundant measures showing focused attention causes electrical compression. The plasma field around your body and brain becomes implosive/ centripetal and self organizing only by use of Golden Ratio in frequency signature (the cause of all centripetal forces - especially including attention, life, gravity , color and more:see goldenmean.info/selforganization).

rightleftbrainSupporting a PHASE CONJUGATE wave model of Perception?
Right Hemisphere: Centripetal IS Intuitive (gathers)

while Left Hemisphere: CentriFUGAL- IS 'Logic' projects AFTER Sorting
(by PHASE CONJUGATION- the CAUSE? of Perception

dan - notes- after our early work in eeg power spectra showing how golden ratio (phase conjugation ) identified peak perception (here)- I became more than ever convinced of the model that phase conjugation (how pine cones kiss noses) does in fact helpfully describe the CAUSE of perception (see also steve lehar - phase conjugate model of perception-notes in this article) -- note how phase conjugation causes field effects to become centripetal (examples goldenmean.info/selforganization math: fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion )

This is the first model to explain why (as prof.bill tiller so well proved - by replicated measurement: focused attention causes electric fields to compress (become centripetal so if in fact golden ratio in eeg power spectra (phase conjugation) correlates to peak perception because it is the wave mechanic of phase conjugation (imagine 2 pine cones - opposing vortex- learning to kiss noses accurately then this means that phase conjugation in the brain is like phase conjugate optics / (I have pioneered phase conjugate magnetics but electrical engineers know phase conjugate dielectrics HEAL see goldenmean.info/phaseconjugate bottom and are bioactive pyraphi.com -- in that one side of the vortex cone is more centripetal than the other.. (the definition of plus vs minus charge / and magnetic north vs south

SO in this wave mechanic the primary wave descriptor of the DIFFERENCE between right vs left hemisphere is one (right) is more CENTRIPETAL - the other more centrifugal (left -- the centripetal right brain GATHERS and SENSES generalities (feel/life humanness electrically ONLY happens when the electric field is centripetal- which is how electricians measure if a seed is alive- goldenmean.info/biophoton ) while the centrifugal RIGHT brain - after passing thru (narrowing focus -which is why our corpus collosum has narrowed this where the phase conjugation process SORTS/self organizes -the logical brain- - (see for example wave mechanic evidence phase conjugation is the CAUSE of color (why else are the 2 frequencies of photosynthesis EXACTLY golden ratio/phase conjugate exponents of planck time ??? -- ( fractalfield.com/fractalphotosynthesis

Clearly (below) the CENTRIPETAL hemisphere of the brain (right) - is measureably linked to creativity:


we think we know what makes it centripetal (phase conjugate / golden ratio EEG?)

New June 2012: Mathematics Completed- Systematic Wave Equations- Golden Ratio / Phase Conjugation - SOLVES PURE CONSTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION / FUSION (and therefore the nature of self-organization in consciousness): www.fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion


Who has provided a meaningful description of the nature of consciousness? - Here is the raw data that needs to be accounted for: 1. Focused attention causes electric fields to compress (Bill Tiller's extensive measures "Conscious Acts of Creation"), 2. Focused attention reduces radioactivity measureably (Geller measured). - If you look at ISSEM or What the Bleep- or Gary Schwartz and Stuart Hameroff- gathering of hundreds of scientists on consciousness - do they have an answer as to the electric nature of consciousness to explain the measurements? No - nothing close. - Dan Winter has proposed a simple and compelling and MEASUREABLE explanation: Focused attention is a centripetal and golden ratio / 'implosive' - phase conjugate (donut shaped) plasma or charge field - (Golden Ratio in EEG as he has pioneered). COULD ANYTHING BE MORE SIMPLE- LIFE HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET CENTRIPETAL ELECTRICALLY. Death happens when you don't! This is more than a real electrical engineers phase conjugate phenomenology of perception- it is a recipe for how to create life.

New Film Series: Restoring Centripetal Forces- to Restore LIFE FORCE: fractalfield.com/centripetalforces

Other Implosion Group- "Restored Centripetal Forces" Projects:

Hydrolysis by Frequency Signature: fractalfield.com/hydrogen

Implosion Made Useful for Growth & Agriculture: TheImploder.com & fractalfield.com/implodermagneticresearch

Electric Field which cause Life/ Seed Germination: pyraphi.com & fractalfield.com/icosaphi

Our Bloom the Desert- Science of Growth: fractalfield.com/bloomthedesert & bloomthedesert.com

Global Heart Link Up with Breath / Heart Entrainment- over IPhone: heartsring.com

Global PEACE UNIVERSITY- Comprehensive Science of PeaceMaking Curriculum- goldenmean.info/peaceuniversity


Origin of Alphabets/ Symbol- as Physics: goldenmean.info/dnaring

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Download Dan Winter's original paper-from the Proceedings of the First-(in the series) of UNIFIED FIELD PHYSICISTS -Budapest 05(&08)-
Exerpt from First Conference Proceedings: Dan Winter - in 05 & 06- First to Hypothesize- FRACTALITY as CAUSE of GRAVITY:
The First to Predict: Gravity's Electric CAUSE- is Golden Ratio FRACTALITY!-Paper -"Is Fractality: The Electrical Mechanism of Gravity,
(and Perception and Color Descrimination)
pdf - from the CD / Proceedings: (w/ color graphics) 5.1 Meg : Ch19ADanWinter.pdf ,
Conference Links(w. Nassim, Eliz Rauscher, Richard Amoroso & Many others): goldenmean.info/budapest08/physicsoverview.html

This is the precise animation of Dan Winter's new equation for the radii of hydrogen- in relation to Planck- (length AND time):ref goldenmean.info/goldenproof
It is also the proven precise geometry of photons angles for the primary colors- which is the reason color AND photosynthesis exist (phase conjugation): goldenmean.info/fractalcolor
This also precisely the geometry of the relationship of the proton, to planck, to black holes (ref:Nassim) see goldenmean.info/selforganization
It is also the proven geometry of the DNA, Earth's magnetic lines, and arrangment of masses in the UNIVERSE!
It is also the basic geometry of (golden ratio based) E8- Unified Field by Lisi
It is also the precise geometric relationship of brainwaves during PEAK PERCEPTION/ BLISS (the reason attention is electrical CENTRIPETAL)

In summary- this PHASE CONJUGATION optimized by golden ratio is the CAUSE and MECHANISM of:

- HYDROGEN (+ all atoms have gravity/'implosive collapse' only because their nuclear geometry is golden ratio fractal to their electrons)


- all FUSION / black holes / all centripetal forces / all self organization

- all LIFE / PERCEPTION / BLISS / - and the CAUSE of color / and photosynthesis (goldenmean.info/fractalcolor



Also see: Matt Pitkanen: Bio-Systems as Conscious Holograms
M. Pitk¨anen, January 29, 2011, refers to PHASE CONJUGATION as mechanism of consciousness- 71 times.

Email: matpitka@luukku.com. http://tgd.wippiespace.com/public_html/



HOW Brainwave initiate the charge compression which identifies consciousness by Golden Ratio PHASE CONJUGATION.


above the blue text- exerpt from Dr. Korotkov-the rest from Dan Winter- graphic on bottom right- derived from Mind Mirror literature.







Attention=Perfected CHARGE DISTRIBUTION Created by Successful >COMPRESSION-the GEOMETRY OF ATTENTION:Neurofeedback for A.D.D.hygiene approach +pictorial look at BlissTuner Solutions

This letter is for love of kids..(particularly A.D.D.) - see: goldenmean.info/clinicalintro if you do not have the illustrations..

Also see addend added about gamma in tibetans meditators - from april 06 - see bottom here..

Implosion Group ( implosiongroup@yahoo.com ) newsletter - July 9, 05 , from Dan Winter 's mailbag (danwinter@goldenmean.info ) - main index: goldenmean.info


Anyone who is familiar with the 70% or so clinically documented success with neurofeedback against Addiction and A.D.D. in America - knows the problem lies is quickly identifying which FREQUENCY to reward.That is the problem Dan Winter's (BlissTuner) -NOW WITH FLAMEINMIND- measure of COHERENCE / Cepstrum - and Harmonic Inclusiveness (Perfect Compression) solves.

Is the inablity to produce quality ATTENTION in our leaders and our children - due to the inability to teach the PRINCIPLE of what ATTENTION IS?

The electrical symmetry that produces ATTENTION - is the same FRACTAL and SELF SIMILAR CHARGE COMPRESSION that produces - LIFE and GRAVITY and CREATION of Mass from Light.

Our failure to teach how to become ATTENTIVE - is directly due to our failure to understand the HYGIENE for ENVIORNMENT and DIET and GRACE (Yoga in Movement) that makes ATTENTION POSSIBLE! - Attention can be Measured and Taught with Neurofeedback - as the Brain Harmonics (alpha / beta) approach the Golden Mean Ratio 'Caducceus' Identifying CHARGE COMPRESSION!

Finally - solutions- combining environment improvement (reduce electrosmog, choose natural materials)- with Hygiene improvement ( live food, eliminate preservatives, wheat etc), Yoga - AND - Self-Empowering BLISSTUNER neurofeedback to shift gears - in a NEW Way...


and Produce FOCUS / Charge Compression / ATTENTION.

an Amazing new Graphically Illustrated Intro Film: Symmetry of LIFE:
CHARGING IN to the Living Field-

How Self Similarity
Produces the NON-DESTRUCTIVE (charge) Compression
- to Make LIFE FORCE / Seed Germination AND Gravity?
 Dan Winter's New 15 Min. Dynamic Video Introduction to
a Revolution in Designing for LIFE!

- Symmetry of Life - Intro Film

-Measuring Life Force

-Implications for Architecture

-Symmetry of Life in WATER

NEW: Aug 05 - HeartTuner Training Video Series ONE - HeartTuner Basics.
New Interactive Window in Window Teaching Technology.. The REAL Thing.

BlissTuner Short Filmclip

Brainwaves of a Telepathy / Channel

Showing Clear OCTAVE Alpha / Beta Ratios

 Dynamic New- Window in Window - Intro Training Film for BlissTuner  Can Dan Winter / Inventor - Make His Own BlissTuner Sing?? - check here:

- first- short exerpt from goldenmean.info/ritalin - Dan Winter, 10/99 , Ritalin: Poisoning the GEOMETRY of Attention in our Young?

(see also- DEATHs caused by RITALIN: http://www.ritalindeath.com/ , Working to prevent schools from Putting Kids on Dangerous DRUGS http://www.ablechild.org/ , Exposing the Fraud behind ADD ADHD http://www.adhdfraud.com/ )

+ How Attention Itself Is A Fractal Attractor": Is it attention's focus itself that nests waves to spin? , : http://www.goldenmean.info/attention/attention.html

+ How attention in the body magnetic leveraging, is actually a WAVE GUIDE to steer matter: "Can Intent Steer Waves?": http://www.goldenmean.info/intent

+ How self generated ATTENTION as focusing/aligning and sorting the phase of waves, is the natural HEALING USEFULNESS of PAIN.. in "Is the AMA War on Pain, in Fact a War on Attention/Awareness?" at http://www.goldenmean.info/pain

+ How completing the caddeuceus like cascade of complementary ELF, alpha/theta harmonics in the heart creates teachable compassion, AND ecstacy as a spinal snake charmer, VERSUS the same harmonics in teachable EEG spectra CREATES Attention, in "Is this Recursion?" at http://www.goldenmean.info/isthisrecursion/apta.html (Lecture to National Polarity Conference)

WHY Attention is Teachable as a Musical Frequency Recipe in Brainwaves: Perfect Collapse FUSES CHARGE - and that IS Attention defined Electrically..

Ever wonder WHY removing the poison of flourescent light tubes from kids classrooms and installing REAL sunlight causes ATTENTION SPAN to increase dramatically? .... because the musical frequency of the Sun's light harmonics ARE the perfect HARMONIC RECIPE FOR FUSION - and THAT is the Definition of ATTENTION , ( infinite non-destructive CHARGE collapse .. goldenmean.info/collapse , goldenmean.info/fusion , goldenmean.info/phiricais )

What I suggest now that American Healers are just beginning to sniff at what may be THE PURE PRINCIPLE OF WHAT ATTENTION IS....

June 2003: link to- Self Empowering Sources of Peak Experience / Charge Density THE REAL SOURCE OF ATTENTION DENSITY - for Young People Charge Density / Peak Experience Prove BLISS: BIOLOGICAL CHARGE is the Ultimate Educator (CHARGE: The Ultimate form of Biological Information- Read how LIFE FORCE is measured) - from Dan Winter's presentation at RainbowSerpent Festival Australia 2003 : Self Empowering Musical Recipes to Bliss and Euphoria at RAVE Concerts - ALTERNATIVE TO DRUGS for Young People goldenmean.info/rainbowserpent - Presented to thousands of Young People and Featured in Major Aussie Media..

Samples of Self-Empowered Neurofeedback Showing How Young People are taught Attention with simple fun feedback game to learn the missing brainwave harmonics.. goldenmean.info/braintuner

See the ultimate music of brainwaves producing PEAK LEARNING / Peak Experience Euphoria - in clinical tests: goldenmean.info/brainphire

Well, hooray & Congratulations MaryAnn.. Somebody else finally noticed that LEARNING the internal power to SHAPE waves as attention, WAS NOT THE SAME AS GIVING ANOTHER BORG-izing Poison Pellet en-masse to our Kids!!! :

from PBS FrontLine: 'RITALIN_Miracle Drug or Cop-Out' by Ken Livingston -Prof Psychology,Vassar College- "What Ritalin does not do, and this is a finding about which proponents of the ADHD diagnosis tend to be defensive, is to improve long-term achievement-test scores. The drug simply makes the child more manageable and better able to work to the level of the system's expectations. It does not seem to produce long-term changes in cognitive functioning. .... Is changing the child's brain chemistry, by prescribing Ritalin-like drugs, really the most appropriate response to the child who doesn't perform well in the modern school environment? Perhaps it's time we asked ourselves whether the fact that so many children can't learn well in our schools is a reflection on the schools, not the children. "

from ADHD Fraud: "The real question is, is such prescribing and drugging with drugs of addiction, drugs that are dangerous and even deadly for a 'disease' that is such a thinly veiled fraud, not a crime?"

Drugging Our Children: - Parents Look For Altnernative to Ritalin

new book: Ritalin No More, by Mary Ann Block, 1-888-DR BLOCK ,her web site: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - ADHD - ADD , http://www.blockcenter.com/

WebMail: No More Ritalin (proposes natural and nutritive alternatives to Ritalin, exerpt:Ritalin- More common side effects include: Inability to fall or stay asleep, nervousness. In children, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, weight loss during long-term therapy, inability to fall or stay asleep, and abnormally fast heartbeat are more common side effects. Less common or rare side effects may include: Abdominal pain, abnormal heartbeat, abnormal muscular movements, blood pressure changes, chest pain, dizziness, drowsiness, fever, headache, hives, jerking, joint pain, loss of appetite, nausea, palpitations (fluttery or throbbing heartbeat), pulse changes, rapid heartbeat, reddish or purplish skin spots, skin reddening, skin inflammation with peeling, skin rash, Tourette's syndrome (severe twitching), weight loss during long-term treatment. This drug should not be prescribed to ANYONE.... experiencing anxiety, tension, and agitation, (editor's note:and therefore all of humanity) since the drug may aggravate these symptoms. Ritalin is not intended for children whose symptoms may be caused by stress or a psychiatric disorder. Ritalin should not be used for the prevention or treatment of normal fatigue, nor should it be used for the treatment of severe depression. - - - these exerpts are continued at the ritalin vs. attentions geometry - article - link


Hi, This note is especially for those interested in biofeedback and the cutting edge of self-empowerment. The emphasis here is more to stimulate dialog about potentially dramatic revolution in biofeedback principles: ( than to just inform you about HeartTuner / BlissTuner sytem which has moved into this field without waiting for the usually required death of a generation of stuck scientists before revolution can propagate).

a ) Can internal COHERENCEbe measured DIRECTLY (the 'cepstrum') - revolutionizing EEG and EKG biofeedback- particularly A.D.D. & Addiction neurofeedback ?

b) Can EMPATHY and EMOTIONAL COHERENCE be measured - and taught using EKG biofeedback? (and does this make the 'muscle testing' KINESIOLOGY principle in fact clinically measureable? - muscle strength = nervous COHERENCE = heart coherence )

c ) Does the HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS - which has medically proven to measure survival and vitality in Heart Rate Variability- also apply to brainwaves - and in fact every living thing?

d ) Is the GOLDEN MEAN RATIO geometry of harmonics ( a CADUCCEUS cascade) which perfects inclusion of harmonics - (perfect compression ) - in fact the identifier in human brainwaves - of CREATIVITY, PEAK PERFORMANCE, even BLISS / and ENLIGHTENMENT?
In short is this the music of - the ability to ATTRACT CHARGE - and the OPPOSITE of ATTENTION DEFICIT!!!???

e ) Does this Golden Mean Ratio compression caducceus in EEG and EKG actually identify the internal biologic ability to COHERE THE VACUUM FIELD - and this teach the self empowerment which produces all biology's ability to make matter (charge compression ) out of light - pure creation physics. ( How for example the EKG extracts voltage from gravity, how brainwaves attract the pure information from the ether , and in general the source of the measureable voltage called LIFE FORCE - which enables a seed to germinate - an egg to be fertile - and a human to experience BLISS - the opposite of depression and lack of focus. )

next - the pictures-then back to A.D.D.discussion-if the images&animations do not show in your viewer-please click private link: goldenmean.info/clinicalintro
EEG BlissTuner screens - same biofeedback system

The Heart Coherence team, successfully launched Heart / EKG biofeedback making empathy (phase lock ) and coherent emotion (passion) measureable (using 2 channel ceptstrum of EKG). Now in the next generation release of HeartTuner Pro04 Software (goldenmean.info ) Heart Coherence team is launching the BlissTuner.

The BlissTuner is explicitly designed to allow 3 of the most important features of BLISS - to be gently and carefully teachable in the new 2 channel brainwave setup for HeartTuner. This design - a BLISS TUNER?- specifically allows - at a glance biofeedback to teach:

A- Golden Ratio between the Major Harmonics - Usually Alpha to Beta in EEG Spectra

B- Cross Hemispheric Synchrony (Both Hemispheres in Symmetry )

C - Overall Internal COHERENCE.

In the tests here - both Dan & John & Frank whose brainwaves are shown felt clear 'rushes' or tingles of BLISS or 'presence' when the succesful Golden Ratio graphs were taken.

3 Sessions In Sequence
Showing Golden Ratio Replicated
In Brain WaveEEG During Bliss Visualization
Vs. Charge Attraction


'Channelling' / telepathy state (octave or powers of 2 - cascades)above
- in dramatic contrast to 'Bliss' / Creativity state (phi or Golden Ratio cascades) below-

These are a few supporting visuals - showing the dramatic new teaching capability - biofeedback display of RATIO in brainwaves - with switchable musical audio cues..
Now - let us return to the question - applying this to Attention Deficit (& Addiction) neurofeedback training:

Everyone knows that Attention Deficity Therapy essentially begins with the therapists hours of struggle to learn WHICH EEG harmonic to reinforce. It is also known that ATTENTION is the result of the completion of a BALANCED CASCADE of EEG - Alpha / Beta / Detla.. If one is consistently missing - that is usually a trigger of inability to focus. You know the drill - make the missing frequency - shift gears - and presto - ATTENTION RETURNS.

PROBLEM: it takes too long to find the missing frequency - and correct the overall symmetry of the cascade. Solution: teach overall internal COHERENCE by measurement - which is the process of learning to complete the cascade AND learning to make the (brainwave) harmonics in the cascade LOCK IN (Golden Mean?) RATIO.

What is the PRINCIPLE of HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS in GENERAL - to identify and quantify vitality in ALL living things?

How do you measure OVERALL INTERNAL COHERENCE in brainwaves??

DID YOU KNOW - that the GEOMETRY ( the ratio ) of the perfect inclusive cascade of brainwaves harmonics is also known?? Now you no longer need to struggly to find the perfect musical recipe of brainwave frequencies to help your A.D.D. and Addiction cases!

ATTENTION is a name for the sorting into phase of electrical brainwaves that results if compression is successful. The principle is that waves get SORTED in nature internally by only ONE phenomena. This is the compression / fusion / implosion / perfect collapse which scientists like Einstein and Schauberger sought for so long. - also see the Ecstasy and Immortality - Conscious Kids new book link below..

We now know the secret of perfect collapse (how brainwaves get info compressed to make the waves of charge sort and become shareable ) - which Einstein for example knew was the secret to making voltage from gravity ... Infinite Non- Destructive Compression. ( application to unified field at: goldenmean.info/gravitycode ) - ( Later you may wish to study how this explains the SOURCE of the voltage - from gravity which causes your heart to fire! - goldenmean.info/dimple - and gives eggs and seeds the voltage they need to be called ALIVE! )

Fractality was discovered after Einstein - now physics acknowledges FRACTAL is the ONLY geometry which allows infinite compression. So are we saying that to RESTORE ATTENTION - you need to RESTORE THE FRACTAL IN BRAINWAVES??

In a word YES! - The KEY is to recognize FRACTAL (self similar compression) in a harmonic analysis (your EEG power spectra). And the key to THAT is to understand WHY - the Golden Mean ratio is the key to the fractal self-similarity which invites charge compression (ATTENTION!!!).


Story of a Revolution in Creativity / Peak Experience / - Redefining the Ultimate Efficacy in Education:
Is "Implosive" Charge Compression - the Ultimate Way to Attract + Store Biological Information?

The REASON that Golden Ratio compression in EEG / EKG identify peak learning / creativity lies in the pure principle of COMPRESSION at the core of DNA. ( ref: goldenmean.info/knotslipping )

Consider- could it be that there is a simple symmetry of charge which identifies LIFE FORCE, SEED GERMINATION, AND HUMAN BLISS - CREATIVITY and Learning.

And that this symmetry of field effect can be identified and taught using the music of Golden Mean ratio - in Brain and Heart to TEACH COMPASSION, EMPATHY, BLISS and CREATIVITY.

And that this revolution in the principle of what is life itself - IMPLOSION into Fusion for Charge- can redefine - education / creativity - as well as architecture and agriculture.

Dan Winter makes this case after 20 years of global teaching - in conjuntion with demonstration of his new Bliss Tuner (creativity biofeedback) and HeartTuner system.

The principle - that IMPLOSION IS A GRAND ATTRACTOR - and it is the 'Secret Science of Ecstacy / Creativity' is the subject of his last 2 books. ( see: goldenmean.info )

Come and experience for yourself - a new science of life and creativity - SOLUTION TO LEARNING - based on a simple hygiene anyone can understand and use.


Read WHY Harmonic Inclusion-Bliss training - in EEG practically allows biofeedback solutions to Attention Deficit and Addiction: goldenmean.info/ritalin

The Golden Mean spiral is the only shape for waves which allow them to self re-enter (biofeedback IN PRINCIPLE) - withOUT self destruction. This should sound a bit familiar if you ever hear Depak Chopra's VEDIC - DEFINITION OF CONSCIOUSNESS ( attention??) - as THE ABILITY TO SELF REFER!

pic - spiral wave reentry -

The really new information is that when you arrange capacitors into a fractal ( visualize a pine cone here) you DO in fact get gravity ! ( goldenmean.info/thrust ) .

What physics does not yet admit is that because the Golden Mean ratio is the key to fractal self-similarity - this is why Golden Mean is key to fractals!

So why - do you - a neurofeedback / biofeedback pro - want to know about solutions to the Unified Field??

Well - wait - the plot thickens..

We introduce - Professor Korotkov in St.Petersburg - who arranges to study the brainwaves of whole classrooms full of BLIND CHILDREN - who learned to SEE - by learning a particular BLISS / ECSTATIC / FOCUSED brainwave state. ( How? - They imagined themselves embedded in PERFECT NATURE!! - can you do it? ).

When they got their brainwaves nested in this VERY WELL DEFINED ELECTRICAL PATTERN - THEN THE BLIND COULD SEE!!

Sound far out? Go see the pictures - the web site - the movies (World Without Blindness Project):

And so what WAS this magic musical EEG - recipe for PERFECT PERCEPTION ??? (they could focus and see thru their SKIN without eyes - we UNDERSTAND the physics).

The ELECTRICAL BRAINWAVE RECIPE for this RESTORED PERCEPTION STATE - (Attention in essence??) - be replicated measurement in the study - was TWO principles:

ONE:- The 2 biggest brainwave harmonics came in to GOLDEN MEAN RATIO!

TWO (you could guess) - Right and Left hemispheres came in to synchrony (cross hemispheric coherence phase lock).

Note- also here if like you can also provide feedback to teach the THIRD magic indicator: YOUR AURA GETS BIGGER - ( see GDV - medical aura measurement used by governments and the AMA ).

So- does this surprise you? When you get BLISSFUL PERFECT ATTENTION - the electrical signature is merely that of PERFECT CHARGE COMPRESSION!

And guess what - your brainwaves enter Golden Mean Ratio - Coherence - AND your aura gets bigger.

( The Golden Mean Ratio CADUCCEUS Cascade- the same way you can BREATH your way to perfect Heart Rate Variability - and brainwave bliss).

Summarizing (simplifying) the above electrical measures to identify / teach BLISS:

1. The ratio between (principle) brain harmonics goes to GOLDEN RATIO..

2. Left and right hemisphere - come into COHERENCE (phase lock)

3. Minimizing Temporal activation corresponds to reducing the EEG map Dr.Wilson correlated to Dissociation (vs. Transcendance which is Golden Ratio phired CROWN activation).

4. Increase SIZE of the aura - (GDV)
(Dan Winter, Dr K., & Heart Coherence Team strongly hypothesize that GDV area -'aura radiance'- WILL correlate to Heart Coherence- as HeartCoherence correlates to muscle strength enabling HeartTuner to measure kinesiology.)

5. Increase in FRACTALITY (folded-surface) of the aura.

-Also note that there is precedence confirming the power of acheiving cross hemispheric coherence in EEG - in triggering Healing. The Mind Mirror literature above is as well clear - that this form of coherence - WHEN ALSO COMBINED WITH COHERENT LINK UP TO A SECOND PERSON BEING HEALED - is a clear correlate / indicator - that functional energy healing occurs.

The physics of attention is so simple - children explain it back to ME - all the time!

(That's why we wrote a childrens book about it: goldenmean.info/consciouskids ): IMPLOSION-Secret Science of Ecstasy & Immortality

-So let's get back to your biofeedback clinic for a moment. You have kids all over the planet whose electric environment is NOT fractal / sacred - and that is Killing them - and their attention. (solution: goldenmean.info/architecture , goldenmean.info/lightcity , goldenmean.info/dowsing ).

Further - their nutrition - is not fractal / sacred (charge dense harmonic inclusive / enzymes alive) - and THAT is killing them - and their attention. ( solution: Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle )

By the time - they walk into your office - weary and confused parents in tow - things have gotten messy. If they say no to RITALIN ( our notes on alternatives to that SOUL killer: goldenmean.info/ritalin ) - they may go to jail (welcome to America. Is it also true that approaching 50% of the urban kids in Australia have been locked in to Ritalin drug addiction by the horrible government nightmare there? - Is this what it means to join the borg? When the fire of bliss potential goes out of a child locked in to Ritalin - I think there IS such a thing as KARMA - for the disempowering pill pusher  - - it is called symmetry balance created because DNA is a fusion device - holy communion for CHARGE. ).

HERE IS WHAT YOU DO - with A.D.D. - ( maybe you missed a few of these)..

1. New Diet!- eliminate ALL white flour, white sugar, food additives and preservatives, all fried food, all stimulants - drastic reduce all wheat, corn, and soy. All highly processed and fractionated foods.

Replace with : live food as majority of the diet , spring water, fresh squeezed, amaranth, quinoa, hi quality protein- not over cooked- eggs, salmon..

2. New Environment - can the kid be given a test: 2 weeks - BACK IN NATURE - UNPLUGGED - NO ELECTROSMOG???????? If they knew how to measure electrosmog - they could PROVE the school is poison to attention (charge compression) . ( Measurement tools: http://www.goldenmean.info/12strands/ - goto bottom ).

Do the parents know how to dowse to make a magnetic map of the childs bed, the childs desk, and wherever they spend most time? - see goldenmean.info/dowsing - remember ATTENTION IS THE RESULT OF HOW MANY WAVES OF CHARGE CAN AGREE TO COMPRESS.

If your the magnetic lines in your environment have not been steered into a fractal ( turning inside out - see: goldenmean.info/labyrinth , goldenmean.info/dowsing ) - then you are PREVENTED ATTENTION. This is because nothing can sort itself out - unless it turns inside out! ( Sorted! - goldenmean.info/knotslipping , goldenmean.info/slipknot , goldenmean.info/squeezingthetruth )

This is why the day you rip the poison flouscent electrosmog from hell - lights OUT of your childs classroom and install sunlight - the attention span measure skyrockets. (60 and 50 cycle are waves which PREVENT embedding / nesting in natures hydrogen golden ratio based fusion phase lock. Hint: the DEFINITION OF EVIL is failure to embed).

3. Prescribe YOGA and Meditation training.

4. SHOW THE CHILD HOW TO MAKE PREFECT BRAINWAVE MUSIC BY HEARING MUSIC WHEN THEY MAKE GOLDEN RATIO IN BRAINWAVES! - We designed the BLISSTUNER - specifically to teach the EEG music which DEFINES the creativity - even enlightenment -brainwave state. Since we now know exactly what that is IN PRINCIPLE. First ATTRACT CHARGE by compressing well ( Implosion) - then RADIATE!

Try downloading the EEG files of persons learning to switch from OCTAVES to GOLDEN MEAN RATIO in brainwaves - Download the complete software environment for free - and play some data - watch what happens when you learn to extend your ALPHA TRAINING - with a musical cue to tell you when your BETA comes in to GOLDEN MEAN RATIO to that alpha. THIS MOMENT - you feel a little RUSH of CHARGE called BLISS - which is the DEFINITION OF REAL ATTENION. Attention IS the compression that results. ( you can download the demo software complete at: goldenmean.info/pro04privatedemo and you can download demo eeg file etc at goldenmean.info/hearttunerresearchgroup link )


note - As inventor - I have ceated a special arrangement for the hardware PLUS many training DVD (everything at goldenmean.info/hearttunerspecial )- for those - who might help us TEACH and RESEARCH and PROVE this - ..
- if I have whetted your ATTENTION even slightly, drop me a query : danwinter@goldenmean.info or US phone line (rings to S.France) 310 651 8123 - or email me to phone you. , sincerely, Dan Winter - July 5, 05

postscript: short historical review: The Story of a revolution in creativity / compassion / and empathy - training:
BlissTuner now SHIPPING!!-with HeartTunerPro04
With complete musical audio cues to learn EEG Golden Ratio Bliss.

Next is a history of the discovery that Golden Mean Ratio in brainwaves- correlates to peak states/ peak perception / peak experience - and the solution to Attention Deficit and Addiction.. This author suggests that Golden Ratio in EEG ratio indicates the moment of PHASE CONJUGATION & perfected CHARGE COLLAPSE - thus producing attention- as ability to sort waves by implosive compression.

First - a link to a much related academic paper: Golden Mean as Clock Cycle of Brain Waves http://www.volkmar-weiss.de/chaos.html

 1980's: Dan Winter discovers how to measure Heart harmonics - originates the idea of Heart Coherence and teaches Heart Math Institute- who later popularize the idea. : (ref: David Servan-Schreiber - new book "Instinct to Heal")

 See the REAL history of Heart Coherence Research:

From Dan Winter: "Rollin McCraty and crew at Heart Math were algae salesmen and rock musicians til I taught them to how to take an EKG, how to spectrum analyze it, and how to connect that to coherent emotion. The real irony is they vehemently refused to see those harmonics I showed them as COHERENCE - until I spent a year convincing them: NOW they take credit for originating Heart Coherence! - in spite of the fact that the literature ("Instinct to Heal" etc.) is clear that I did. The worst part is they CONTINUE to mislead the public into thinking that breathing at 1 frequency is heart coherence. It is actually not variability or coherence. REAL HEART COHERENCE is measureable and they haven't done it. What they have done is sent a team of viscous legal agents around the world making life hell for people like Dr.Alan Watkins ( cardiac-coherence.com ) , and James Barret (heartbeat2000.com ). Quite the opposite of the supposed loving integrity they project in shallow image."

Original: -Later:

 Dan Winter discovers new mathematics: how to make Heart and Brain INTERNAL COHERENCE - measureable: The CEPSTRUM.

PLUS- the phase lock of 2 persons hearts made immediately visible- emerges as a dramatic MEASURE OF EMPATHY!

 First Time COHERENCE in Heart/Brain is Measured:


 Dan Winter discovers apparent Golden Ratio based cascades in Heart Harmonics- indicate empathy / compassion.


and also Peak Creativity?

Example JR's Story: Reaching thru the Veils of Disability using the Heart!- Armoring is no barrier.


Teaching EMPATHY / CONCENSUS PROCESS / CONFLICT RESOLUTION - at the corporate level-

using biofeedback measurement ("HARMONIC MODULE")

see goldenmean.info/corporate

 2004: Dan Winter with Heart Coherence team - develops the FOURTH GENERATION of his invention: HeartTuner Pro 04. State of the art: Heart Coherence / Emotional Coherence - biofeedback -

with Empathy Measure,
implications to make Kinesiology measureable, and a host of research functions.


 Dr.Ed Wilson, then research director: Monroe Institute- independantly discovers that Fibonacci (to Golden Ratio) Audio Tone Headphone cascades trigger TRANSCENDENCE in Brainwave mapping. He redefines transcendence for Brainwave study. Dr.Wilson discovers Dan Winter's similar work linking Golden Ratio in EKG cascades to Compassion- travels to NY and creates documentary with Winter (1992).  source: VHS Video: "Fibonacci Resonance, The Brain, & Consciousness"
with Ed Wilson, MD, & Daniel Winter 1992

at Crystal Hill Farm, Eden, NY

 1990's: MindMirror biofeedback systems (book:"Awakened Brain" by Cade)
consistently shows the particular cascade of brainwaves harmonics in symmetry produces "CREATIVE INSPIRATION, PERSONAL INSIGHT, & SPIRITUAL AWARENESS".

MindMirror groups fail to notice that the KEY RATIO in EEG which triggers this CREATIVITY phenomenon is GOLDEN MEAN in brainwaves- the PRINCIPLE OF NON-Destructive Compression.

    Mind Mirror (3 times the cost of HeartTuner with less than 1/3 the features).. correctly describes this brainwave picture- but misses the PURE PRINCIPLE (Golden Mean / Implosion- RATIO in the cascade symmetry) triggers BLISS & Learning. Their database describes this Brainwave harmonics picture:

"The AWAKENED MIND brainwave pattern combines the intuitive, empathetic radar of the delta waves, the creative inspiration, personal insight, and spiritual awareness of the theta waves, the bridging capacity and relaxed, detached, awareness of the alpha waves, and the external attention and ability to consciously process thought of beta waves, all at the same time. It is a brainwave pattern shared by people in higher states of consciousness regardless of their philosophy, theology or meditation technique. This brainwave pattern can be found during "peak experience" and in all forms of creativity and high performance. The awakened mind is also the "ah-ha," appearing at the exact instant of solving the problem, or getting the insight."

 2001: World Without Blindness project in Russia- develops a peak experience mental state protocol enabling large numbers of totally blind Russian children to begin to see - and return to regular school.
Procedure includes imagining BLISS IN NATURE.

Dr. Korotkov in Russia - measured this state (CREATIVITY / BLISS) found and published clear evidence that Golden Mean ratio was the KEY ATTRACTOR - identifying BLISS / Euphoria in brainwave harmonics. See goldenmean.info/brainphire

 World Without Blindness:

Dr. Korotkov: Founder of GDV- Gas Discharge Visualization a Kirlian aura measure tool - calibrated accurately enough to be used globally for clinical diagnostic by thousands of Medical Doctors. The SIZE and FRACTALITY of this aura were 2 of the clear scientific correlates of the BLISS CREATIVITY STATE.


 2004: Dan Winter- with help of Heart Coherence Team ( goldenmean.info ) develops and tests a new component to HeartTuner Pro- A BLISSTUNER.

BlissTuner - newly available - now offers full dynamic interactive feedback environment - with synchronized audio cascade cues for each hemisphere- to


+1. Develop Cross Hemispheric Alpha (7-12hz)

+2. Learn to add Beta (higher frequency ) in GOLDEN MEAN RATIO - aided by computer generated Ball and Stick game (see pic) .. AND by musical audio tones differentially in headphones for right and left, based accurately on multiples of your real brainwave frequencies.

 New in 2005: Real Biofeedback for BLISS- PEAK EXPERIENCE-CREATIVITY MAXIMA:
The BLISSTuner


Read WHY Harmonic Inclusion in EEG practically allows biofeedback solutions to Attention Deficit and Addiction:



 In Conclusion: THE HYGIENE-
10 Years of Teaching: Discover the electrical environment (FRACTAL CHARGE COMPRESSION = LIFE) which will CAUSE a seed to germinate and HELP A HUMAN ENTER BLISS - CREATIVITY and LEARNING. This redefinition of LIFE and BLISS - suggests a VERY PRACTICAL re-inventing for the HYGIENE FOR BLISS - AND EDUCATION.

Bliss is the only way to sustain -immune health, -lucid dreaming, + successful memory thru death.

+1 in Diet (Live Food, avoid angry DNA, recognize charge to gain twinkle)

+2 in Architecture and Geomancy

+3 in Kinesthetics / the Dance Movement

+4 in Ritual / Rites of Passage / Intitiation

 How To's/Coherent Emotion/Practical Hygiene







an Amazing new Graphically Illustrated Intro Film: Symmetry of LIFE:
CHARGING IN to the Living Field-

How Self Similarity
Produces the NON-DESTRUCTIVE (charge) Compression
- to Make LIFE FORCE / Seed Germination AND Gravity?
 Dan Winter's New 15 Min. Dynamic Video Introduction to
a Revolution in Designing for LIFE!

- Symmetry of Life - Intro Film

-Measuring Life Force

-Implications for Architecture

-Symmetry of Life in WATER

NEW: Aug 05 - HeartTuner Training Video Series ONE - HeartTuner Basics.
New Interactive Window in Window Teaching Technology.. The REAL Thing.

 Dynamic New- Window in Window - Intro Training Film for BlissTuner  Can Dan Winter / Inventor - Make His Own BlissTuner Sing?? - check here:

added: april 06 from goldenmean.info/healingphase


1. In our last note goldenmean.info/rosycross we presented the idea that PHASE CONJUGATION (Implosion perfected by Golden Ratio ) was the essential mechanism of:

- how gravity is made, (for example power spectra of the Hutchinson Device spark would show damped cascade producing self similarity) - Hendershot device...
- how DNA radio works (charge communion, the collective unconscious, and the soul work by coherent communication thru superluminal velocity modes nested by PHI),
- the real physics of the origin of the HOLY GRAIL- DaVinci Code - why S.France and Washington DC grid sites are all PENT etc..
- how awareness and bliss develop electrically around the brain as an imploding charge field-
- how the charge propagation phase path from facet to molecular to atomic to nuclear symmetry make the PHASE CONJUGATE MIRROR .. + the fire crystal of Atlantis (Tuoai stone)



 Physics of HOLY GRAIL+ CAUSE of GRAVITY (infinite collapse / produces magnetic monopole..)
Rosy Cross= Perfect PHASE CONJUGATION =IMPLOSION- the only fusion symmetry possible where infinite phase velocity modes converge CONstructively.. (converts charge compression to acceleration>makes gravity)..
This is the exact symmetry (dodeca stellation by Golden Ratio perfected recursion)-> :
->Einstein / Poincare used to model charge symmetry of gravity / infinite compression
->identifying optical phase conjugation (time reversal , aberration self correction etc..)
->of Palladium / dodec - key to cold fusion
->charge path thru phase conjugate dialectrics(ex:barium titanite)
key to access to voltage from gravity
->of the top and side view and
wratchet of DNA (charge communion by phase conjugation /mechanism of soul )
(all living proteins are 5 sided/Phi for this reason)
->water molecules use
(clathrate cage/dodec) to become part of all LIFE (fractal charge distribution)
->of monoatomic (implosive ) Gold atoms
->identifying the CHARGE PATH (breath of life-charge communion) identifying
BIOLOGIC MATERIAL for ARCHITECTURE..(only possible defineable meaning for a commercial term 'organic')
->identifying the (Phi /
cadduceus) harmonic analysis of EEG in Ecstasy, life force in water,harmonic inclusive EKG predicting all disease survival, harmonic content (PHIlotaxes)of all life..(charge attracting self organization)
->the JITTERBUG (cube-octa down to icosa) - presented as mechanism for molecular superconductivity at International Conference on superconductivity, Buffalo,NY by Jim Sawyer, 6 Dimension Design..(pics>

Here we wish to develop this theme further - - to suggest that this same symmetry of perfected phase conjugation (caducceus)- electrical self organization -IS:

- the reason any dialectric is biologic and ALIVE! . defining living material for architecture (what capacitor can HELP a seed germinate)
- the REASON any enzyme is ALIVE- (the DNA recursive braid- why heat kills a live enzyme -strucurally - de-organizing electrical recursion ).
- the reason any bio-ceramic material can reduce electrosmog or heal or nourish biology. Bio ceramic= phase conjugate dialectric.
Mesenchymal stem cells and bioceramics: strategies to regenerate the skeleton. skeletal regeneration by bioceramics - success predicted by phase conjugation success-
- the essential mechanism behind all energy / electrical healing technologies. (with power spectra examples-below)..
- the essential mechanism for the 'still point' in sacral cranial work, healing crisis in psychological work , also the - 'collapse process' in counciling work...

: charge compression HEALS by sorting

Harmonic Inclusiveness
= Genetic Diversity
= Access to Fractality (definition of grounding for psychologists & electricians)
= Fusion/Implosion
= Charge Communion
= Turning on DNA Radio - the aura production called sainthood / enlightenment -which Korotkov measured example in GDV during bliss /peak experience.
= Access to the -collective unconscious, synchronicity, san-graal DNA piezoelectric ring-grail.
= Ability to Respond/responsibility - self empowerment
= How LIFE POTENTIAL is MEASURED in liquids as RE-DOX Potential.
= How COHERENCE in biologies field effect - the KA (thar,tholic-boat to underworld) prepares to survive death in what compresses out of DNA thru light speed.


2. Tibetan Meditators document Climb to GAMMA (higher freqs)in EEG- Is the cascade FRACTAL?? - gamma training - Important news for BlissTuner / EEG studies of Bliss / Peak Experience: Marty Wuttke neurotherapy.us - who originally set-up the neurofeedback.nl group - thru Dan Winter, and inspired much of our teaching on Neurofeedback for Attention Deficit and Addiction, - is still doing international conference with A.D.D. - eeg feedback and tai-chi, - announces that he has stopped calling the work simply Attention or Addiction therapy - and is entirely focused on Spiritual Evolution and Spiritual Experience. He points to important new research- High Frequency GAMMA frequencies in Meditators may directly measure and teach Advanced Conscious States: - Marty is working with Dr.Eduardo Rocatti - EEG Project in Argentia- (exerpt here): "... short introduction to a sequence of future presentations about Gamma Frecuency research and the wide range of applications on Coherence Trainings with QDSNFK 256 4 EEG Ch & BioExplorer. - - Meditations Systems can be divided in 2 Groups: 1) Voluntary Concentrative: meditation on an object (such as a meditation on a mantra or the breath or image). These concentration techniques can be seen as a particular form of top-down control that may exhibit an important slow oscillatory component.

2) Objectless Meditation: does not directly attend to a specific object but rather cultivates a state of being. These phenomenological differences suggest that these various meditative states (those that involve focus on an object and those that are objectless) may be associated with different EEG oscillatory signatures. The high-amplitude gamma activity is a Singnature of this Objectless meditation. Assuming that the amplitude of the gamma oscillation is related to the size of the oscillating neural population and the degree of precision with which cells oscillate, massive distributed neural assemblies are synchronized with a high temporal precision in the fast frequencies during this state. The gradual increase of gamma activity during meditation is in agreement with the view that neural synchronization, as a network phenomenon, requires time to develop , proportional to the size of the synchronized neural assembly.

AUM, THE MOST ANCIENT OF ALL SOUNDS: Thousands of years ago in ancient India the seers rediscovered the sacred syllable AUM (pronounced OM). AUM is more than a single word, it is the seed of all other words and a scientific formula. When each letter is vocalized correctly, all vowels and consonants are foreshadowed within it. "A" embodies the waking state of consciousness, the material world. "U" represents the dream state of the astral and subtle planes of existence. "M" symbolizes the state of deep dreamless sleep, a state of bliss and transcendence which is not consciously experienced. The most important part of this primeval formula is the silent resonance that is felt after sounding the "M." This forth part is the spirit, consciousness itself. The vibration of AUM brings about physical and psychological evolution. (DOES a proper OM chant IMPLODE by PHASE CONJUGATION? - insert here: power spectra of the AA EE UU MM sound from Dan Winter- showing probable connection to Caducceus PHASE CONJUGATION-from goldenmean.info/harmonic -3D Harmonic Analysis Power Spectra Waterfall plot: x axis =hz to 3000,y axis=db energy density, z axis=time.
OHM harmonics)- returning to quote from DrRocatti-link above..

Meditation Research Findings: Gamma and PreFrontal Cortex ...research on Gamma Field about Coherence, shows the basis for the development of algorithms that explain and measure Coherence, Phase and Sinchrony with increasing accuracy. All this research done from the perspective of Neurophysiology, Neuropsychology and Electrophysiology correlations lead to the discovery of new Gamma Signatures. The research is developing every year with more speed, more dedication, and the results are impressive and infinitelly promising. As a simple example, the Conectivity Studies show that Negative EEG coherence may indicate reduced functional connectivity. The absence of these negative scores implies that connections may have been made in these regions. Brain research is beginning to produce concrete evidence for something that Buddhist practitioners of meditation have maintained for centuries: Mental discipline and meditative practice can change the workings of the brain and allow people to achieve different levels of awareness.
Those transformed states have traditionally been understood in transcendent terms, as something outside the world of physical measurement and objective evaluation. But over the past few years, researchers at the University of Wisconsin working with Tibetan monks have been able to translate those mental experiences into the scientific language of high-frequency gamma waves and brain synchrony, or coordination. And they have pinpointed the left prefrontal cortex, an area just behind the left forehead, as the place where brain activity associated with meditation is especially intense.

"What we found is that the longtime practitioners (meditators) showed brain activation on a scale we have never seen before," said Richard Davidson, a neuroscientist at the university's new $10 million W.M. Keck Laboratory for Functional Brain Imaging and Behavior. "Their mental practice is having an effect on the brain in the same way golf or tennis practice will enhance performance." It demonstrates, he said, that the brain is capable of being trained and physically modified in ways few people can imagine. - Davidson says his newest results from the meditation study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in November, take the concept of neuroplasticity a step further by showing that mental training through meditation (and presumably other disciplines) can itself change the inner workings and circuitry of the brain.The new findings are the result of a long, if unlikely, collaboration between Davidson and Tibet's Dalai Lama, the world's best-known practitioner of Buddhism . - The Dalai Lama first invited Davidson to his home in Dharamsala, India, in 1992 after learning about Davidson's innovative research into the neuroscience of emotions.
The Tibetans have a centuries-old tradition of intensive meditation and, from the start, the Dalai Lama was interested in having Davidson scientifically explore the workings of his monks' meditating minds. Three years ago, the Dalai Lama spent two days visiting Davidson's lab. - The Dalai Lama ultimately dispatched eight of his most accomplished practitioners to Davidson's lab to have them hooked up for electroencephalograph (EEG) testing and brain scanning. . - - Davidson was especially interested in measuring gamma waves, some of the highest-frequency and most important electrical brain impulses.

The monks who had spent the most years meditating had the highest levels of gamma waves, he added. This "dose response" -- where higher levels of a drug or activity have greater effect than lower levels -- is what researchers look for to assess cause and effect. - - In previous studies, mental activities such as focus, memory, learning and consciousness were associated with the kind of enhanced neural coordination found in the monks. The intense gamma waves found in the monks have also been associated with knitting together disparate brain circuits, and so are connected to higher mental activity and heightened awareness, as well. - - Davidson's research is consistent with his earlier work that pinpointed the left prefrontal cortex as a brain region associated with happiness and positive thoughts and emotions. Using functional magnetic resonance imagining (fMRI) on the meditating monks, Davidson found that their brain activity -- as measured by the EEG -- was especially high in this area.
Davidson concludes from the research that meditation not only changes the workings of the brain in the short term, but also quite possibly produces permanent changes. That finding, he said, is based on the fact that the monks had considerably more gamma wave activity than the control group even before they started meditating. "- more at Dr Rocatti link above..

-- related: "Long-term meditators self-induce high-amplitude gamma synchrony during mental practice"

-- Stuart Hameroff: in his review of GAMMA Frequencies in Meditators- "- ....the study by Antoine Lutz and colleagues in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, - - compared EEG in two subject groups before and during meditationnot of an object or activity, but of a pure feeling of unreferenced compassion.- - One subject group was composed of young students trained for a week in meditative technique; the second group consisted of Tibetan Buddhist practitioners with 15 to 40 years of meditation training and practice. The EEG methodology was rigorous, and the results were clear. Compared to novice meditators, the highly trained Tibetan Buddhist meditators had markedly higher amplitude, long-range global gamma synchrony in bilateral frontal and parietal/temporal regions. An increase in gamma synchrony was also observed in baseline measurement (before meditation) which became enhanced and more global during meditation in the trained Tibetan meditators.
For technical reasons (possible muscle artifact and 60 Hz AC interference) the absolute frequency spectrum was not determined, though the experimenters hinted of a significant rise in synchrony and amplitude in the 80 to 120 Hz range during the Tibetans meditation. The coherence and power in the range of 25 to 42 Hz was significantly increased statistically. (Coherence is usually defined as synchrony with a very brief lag, on the order of a few milliseconds). Amplitude of the synchronized gamma activity was greater than any previously reported nonpathological (i.e. non seizure-based) gamma synchrony.
So, what does this tell us about consciousness? Well first, there is an increase in gamma synchrony amplitude and coherence during what I think is fair to call an enhanced state of consciousnesspure intense experience unfettered by cognitive contents. This supports the notion of gamma synchrony as an electrophysiological correlate of consciousness.
Second, the trained Tibetan meditators had baseline increases in gamma synchrony and amplitude, suggesting long-term changes in their brains from years of meditation. One might say they are more highly conscious in a baseline state, achieving even greater intensity of consciousness during meditation.
In a book titled The Quantum and the Lotus by Mathieu Ricard and Trinh Xuan Thuan (Crown Publishers, 2001), Ricard (a molecular biologist turned Buddhist meditator and co-author of the Lutz study) describes the Buddhist concept of three levels of consciousness, including the most important fundamental luminosity of the mind. This is a state of pure awareness that transcends the perception of a subject/object duality and breaks free from the constraints and traps of discursive thought. Moreover this form of consciousness, according to Mathieu Ricard, can exist independently of the brain, and in fact pervades the universe. Presumably, the meditative state marked by enhanced gamma synchrony represents an immersion of the subjects in this fundamental luminosity. (Such a connection may possibly be explained through the quantum approach to consciousness. For example the Penrose-Hameroff model suggests a connection between brain processes and a funda-mental Platonic realm embedded in the space-time continuum.12,13) ---
Like most good research, this study raises more questions than it answers. How is the contentin this case the pure quale of compassionrepresented? Is it in the specific coherent frequency? Is it in the specific neural regions entrained in the coherent process? Is it in some finer-grained process? Are the coherence, amplitude and/or frequency related to intensity of experience?
One could say (I would not) that the gamma synchrony/coherent 40 Hz corresponding with contentless meditation implied a blank slate, perhaps like a radio station carrier wave, that the coherent amplitude increase was due to lack of interference stemming from lack of cognitive processing. But the trained meditators were highly conscious of the feeling of pure compassion. So my impression, as suggested above, is that their enhanced gamma synchrony reflected a release from external (e.g. thalamic) distractions, allowing pure qualia to fill consciousness. Why gamma synchrony (or any brain activity) should be conscious is, of course the hard problem. As those familiar with my views might suppose, my guess is that conscious experience derives from quantum mechanisms in cytoskeletal structures within coherently excited components of hyper-neurons. These in turn facilitate a more direct absorption in what Buddhists call fundamental luminosity. My guess is also that intensity of experience corresponds not only with coherence, but also frequency, that the 80 to 120 Hz coherence is present in the trained meditators and represents the highest form of consciousness." end quote from Hameroff

Comment from Dan Winter- Good that this dialog is stimulated. Stuart- like the other 'blind leading the blind' presenters of"WHAT THE BLEEP" - et al continue to stubbornly ignore the fundamental principle - that extending the harmonics of EEG into the higher frequency gamma is correlated to harmonic inclusiveness (caducceus / PHASE CONJUTATION) including Golden Ratio self similarity - to create the COMPRESSION which makes the brains electric field coherent (by becoming fractal).


The good news is that the option to adjust for high frequency display in the cross hemispheric BLISSTUNER display - beautifully allows the display of these higher meditative frequencies - up to 60 hz. We have suggested that the option to positively reward Golden Ratio from Alpha to Beta- so proven in the Russian research - be extended upward to gamma.

http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Lab/5833/neuron/Brain.html , Further, El Naschie has shown that fractal structures (space-time) incorporate the golden mean equal to (1+Ö 5)/2 =1.618 in their architecture signifying ordered signal /information flow in the fractal network. The golden mean is incorporated in the fractal architecture of the cycloskeleton network [11] which plays a very important role in sub-consciousness to consciousness process integration [12,13]. Surprisingly similar chaotic behavior in space and time was found to be exhibited by all real world dynamical systems. Fractal structure to the spatial pattern concomitant with chaotic (irregular) dynamics has now been identified to be intrinsic to physiological and biological systems [14,15]. The branching interconnecting networks of neurons and intra-neuronal cytoskeleton networks are fractal structures which generate electrical signal pattern with self-similar fluctuations on all scales of time


Cantorian Fractal Spacetime and Quantum-like Chaos in Neural Networks of the Human Brain- : http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Lab/5833 , - The neural networks of the human brain act as very efficient parallel processing computers co-ordinating memory related responses to a multitude of input signals from sensory organs. Information storage, update and appropriate retrieval are controlled at the molecular level by the neuronal cytoskeleton which serves as the internal communication network within neurons. Information flow in the highly ordered parallel networks of the filamentous protein polymers which make up the cytoskeleton may be compared to atmospheric flows which exhibit long-range spatiotemporal correlations, i.e. long-term memory. Such long-range spatiotemporal correlations are ubiquitous to real world dynamical systems and is recently identified as signature of self-organized criticality or chaos. The signatures of self-organized criticality i.e. long-range temporal correlations have recently been identified in the electrical activity of the brain. The physics of self-organized criticality or chaos is not yet identified. A recently developed non-deterministic cell dynamical system model for atmospheric flows predicts the observed long-range spatiotemporal correlations as intrinsic to quantum-like mechanics governing flow dynamics. The model visualises large scale circulations to form as the result of spatial integration of enclosed small scale perturbations with intrinsic two-way ordered energy flow between the scales. Such a concept maybe applied for the collection and integration of a multitude of signals at the cytoskeletal level and manifested in activation of neurons in the macroscale. The cytoskeleton networks inside neurons may be the elementary units of a unified dynamic memory circulation network with intrinsic global response to local stimuli. A cell dynamical system model for human memory circulation network analogous to atmospheric circulations network is presented in this paper.

- commentary - call us when they figure out that fractal scale invariance is the implosive charge attractor called consciousness... (never sustainable outside biology - since biology is the only realm of dynamic phase conjugate dialectrics)

--------Update below > Nov 06



1. Update from Dan Winter at recent Grand Unification Physics and Consciousness International Conference in Budapest (with pic)

2. NEW Release finally complete- HeartTuner/ BlissTuner "Wellness Measuring System" - 2 Channel HRV for Empathy Measure -with references, pictorial examples -Plus- new OCTAVE (brainwaves of telepath / channel) vs Golden Ratio (brainwaves of Bliss / Peak Experience) markers/ feedback added to BlissTuner. New below- special distribution offer from Dan Winter- complete 2 ch EKG/EEG/HRV biofeedback system with TRAINING free gift 25 dvd films- 8 are of HeartTuner/ BlissTuner training + Support + Warranty + 3 Dan Winter books.

3. New Dan Winter's recent national radio show, new film online from Calgary 06 Conference in depth, new pictorial tour of sacred Eldorado in Bogata with Dan Winter and Valerie

4. New- Article from Frank of goldenmean.info - PATTERN RECOGNITION IN BRAINWAVES.


ALSO - new in the BlissTuner - Knowing that OCTAVES (alpha to beta) in Brainwaves set up the linear CHANNELLING / TELEPATHY modes - versus the GOLDEN RATIO - sets up the empowering BLISS /PEAK PERCEPTION / ENLIGHTENMENT modes. NOW - added FEEDBACK CUES (above pic) on the eeg spectra screen- allow you to immmediately see WHICH OF THE TWO KEY RESONANT STATES -PHI RATIO - versus OCTAVES - YOU ARE ACHEIVING!

Note also below the new TM TUNER-display from the BlissTuner> showing MULTIPLE Cascade markers of Golden Mean..displayed- allowing us to see when advanced meditators reaching even up into gamma (like 45-48hz etc) frequencies, are in fact able to do that in GEOMETRIC Golden Ratio / charge compressing- cascades!

'Channelling' / telepathy state (octave or powers of 2 - cascades)above
- in dramatic contrast to 'Bliss' / Creativity state (phi or Golden Ratio cascades) below-

Note also below the new TM TUNER-display from the BlissTuner> showing MULTIPLE Cascade markers of Golden Mean..displayed- allowing us to see when advanced meditators reaching even up into gamma (like 45-48hz etc) frequencies, are in fact able to do that in GEOMETRIC Golden Ratio / charge compressing- cascades!