FLAMEINMIND UPGRADE- October 2020 - -Medical Grade Statistics- Measuring Immune Health and Stress with HRV

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This is the new beta demo of our
|FLAMEINMIND.com software

which will offer MEDICAL / HOSPITAL quality HRV

which by offering the medically well known

RRNN, SDNN, RMSSD statistical HRV component standardized analysis-

will allow virtually immediate medical assessment to AGE, STRESS,and other IMMUNE HEALTH factors-

(full demo of software- expected later Oct 2020.)

By setting up FLAMEINMIND-

and later our less expensive itHRVe system

to offer these features- we will soon be able to teach and entrain groups-

to symchronize immune health- with their breathing.


EEG on top- compared to simultaneous medical grade HRV on bottom:


End session analysis - data output example:
-note hospital variables-ready for statistical analysis - stress/age/immunity.



Below- see instructions for HRV /EEG Analysis from Excel Spreadsheet Data Export- new for FlameinMind